1. Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    tsar is playing tonight at the derby 

    in los feliz. have i told you that? they are.

    tell the man at the door this password

    i cut tonys hair

    and you will get in free.

    tell the bartender these words

    serve me the two dollar beer

    and he will only charge you two fifty.

    theres food you can order, and room to dance.

    theres valet parking in the back.

    im sure some pretty girls might show up.

    and then of course theres all the people from the blogosphere that will be there.

    im hoping moxie will make an appearance since tsar is her favorite group.

    maybe some big wig record execs will be there to see what real glam rock is all about.

    who knows.

    all i know is there will be two dollar beers.

    for two fifty.

    for your ass.



    The Derby

    4500 Los Feliz Blvd.

    moxie + dirty fez + mist