1. Thursday, April 22, 2004

    it’s always nice to get email. 

    but yesterday i got what might have been a drunken email asking me about my relationship with ms flagrant disregard and whether or not i had pissed her off.

    dear drunken emailer, i have no idea whether or not i have pissed our miss splinky or not, but i doubt it.

    the emailer also complimented me on my sports blogging, of which i proudly accept the kudos.

    next time put your name at the end of your email so i can address you personally.

    a commenter named Ian said he would fund my trip around the country/write a book/take pictures project as long as i didnt bushbash. if i accepted that i would be a sellout.

    so im a sellout.

    i would travel around the country and write about it and include a chapter or two about politics for $30k

    i would travel around the country and write about it and not include anything about politics for $40k

    send your check(s) to


    4845 Fountain Ave. #15

    Hollywood, CA 90029

    what im thinking is a big book, each page would have a big picture on the left, and text on the right.


    people have written in and asked why i havent talked much about the Lakers.

    easy, cuz their season only just began.

    their preseason that is.

    and once they get done with Houston, their real season begins.

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