after calling the sitting president a fucking retard

Reagan.Saluting id be a fucking asshole if i didn’t celebrate the death of the president who started all this bullshit.

the gipper today met the reaper and ive never believed that on a mans death everyone should kiss his ass if indeed he was an asswipe when he was alive, so fuck you mr president. im glad you’re dead and i wish you had never lived.

the liberal press deemed him the great communicator despite the fact that he said only one great thing in the entirety of his presidency.

after he was shot by jodie foster stalker john hinkley he told his wife nancy

i forgot to duck.


other than that he was in office eight years and just smiled a lot and made people chuckle.

he never said squat that people are repeating nowadays.

his only legacy is one of spend spend spend and watch the next guy struggle to pay for it. an interesting strategy thats being used today.

the first bush couldn’t pay for reagan’s tax cuts, budget deficits, and 35% defense increases, but somehow clinton/gore was able to.

and from that reagan legacy, today’s president is back to increasing the military, and spending the country into a $521 billion hole, with little popular backlash from those who consider themselves republican.

heck, if they didnt bitch twenty years ago, why would they bitch now?

what reagan showed the world was that if you called yourself republican, all you had to do was be a little goofy, and a little off, and smile a lot, and it didn’t matter how much money you spent, as long as a lot of it was for the military, you’d be given a free pass everywhere else.

iran/contra? it’s all good.

AIDS epidemic? whatev.

“I would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964”? its cool. its cool.

america liked him not because of his policies or his accounting. they liked him because he looked good in jeans and a cowboy hat. which is why they like the current president too.

they liked him because he was the punchy grampa that they never had. the one who slept through emergencies and called his wife “mommy”.

television loved him because he was easy to imitate and he reminded people of a simpler time, the 40s and 50s when minorities were less visible and anyone could afford a house and a car.

ronnie was dopey and detached, his wife regularly consulted astrologers and outquipped him with her “Just Say No”, and his daughter posed for playboy more-than unimpressively, and watch republicans go on about how the gipper was one of the greatest presidents of all time.

what i remembered was he had a less grasp on reality than even today’s fuckup, but he was smoother, and was quick with the “i don’t recall” card.

if he had remained a democrat there’s no way he would have gotten the love that he got once he defected.

he grew far older than anyone ever expected

and with that at least ive said one good thing about the old coot.

which is one more than this amazing piece about the former president from rotton dot com.

66 things to remember + cnn’s reagan obit from three years ago + i had reagan in the gmask death pool

why the president is a fucking retard

george w by tony pierce, 110

if you ever go to the special olympics you will see a spirit that is absent from any other sporting activity you’ll ever witness: unconditional love and reward.

even the slowest, most fumbiling child who finishes a race gets a hug. a loving embrace for participating in the event. a symbol and an action that says, you tried and thats all that matters.

you are loved.

the only institution that mimics this behavoir is the united states of america and it’s relationship to the president of the united states, george bush, and the people and things that he supports.

they treat him like the retard that they know he is

the tard inside of us all.

and regardless of what his results are, the attitude that they take is

you know hes a fucking idjit, give him a break already

while looking at you like youre the asshole.

if you say the economy is fucked the gas prices are ridiculous and the job market is in the pits, they will say ah but theres a recovery cant you see it?

even though bush is on track to be the first president since the great depression to have a net loss of jobs over his term.

if you say the war on iraq was unneccessary, too expensive, a failure, and a shortcut toward a new vietnam, they will say but the world is a better place without saddam.

if you say great, well we got saddam, so lets leave, they will say cant leave bro, too much unrest. we have to stay in there till everythings chill again. democratic elections and stuff.

and then if you ask, well what if these people elect another saddam? they will say, oh they wont. dont worry. they wont.

and they smile.

and theyre so certain.

just as certain as they were that we would find weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

and democrats love it when republicans are certain.

and the republicans said that it was a slam dunk that we would find wmd in iraq and so the democrats believed them. after all, who knows more about weapons of mass destruction more than republicans. shit, they probably sold them to saddam on the low down.

a month ago.

and they will say, dude we found a weapon of mass destruction last month. fucking bomb full of sarin! beeyootch!

sarin, of course being the man-made nerve agent first manufactured by the Nazis in 1938 and is part of the organophosphorus family of chemicals commonly used as pesticides.

sarin of course being the gas that was used in the terrorism in 1995 in the japanse subway system.

sarin of course being the agent that was instantly reduced from mythical heights to ho-hum lows after that very terrorism in 1995 because it proved that even in the highly dense enclosed envoirnment of the toyko subway system during rush hour, 6 liters of sarin will “injur” 6,000 victims but only kill 6, and thus a highly ineffective weapon of mass destruction.

sarin of course being a subsequent worthless “weapon” when used in the open battlefield or worse, the desert of central iraq, particularilly when only traces are found in a 155mm shell.

the 155mm shell with trace of sarin is the weapon of mass destruction that many conservatives point to as being the ah-ha smoking gun proof that iraq really did have wmd’s even though Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt admitted upon inspecting that “It’s virtually ineffective as a chemical weapon,”

the 155mm shell with the small amount of sarin gas, of course being the retard hug at the end of the long race that bush’s supporters give him before he sucks through the straw on his juice box.

and anna kournikova who was over tonight said you know its really not cool to compare retarded people to the president.

and i said why.

and she said cuz its unfair to retards.

and this time, damnit, shes right.

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