1. Friday, June 18, 2004

    this week in rock in la 

    tonight 6/18

    brian wilson + wilson philips + andy williams + robin gibb, hollywood bowl

    dick dale, hollywood park

    mary chapin carpenter, the canyon

    david cassidy, grove of anaheim

    tsol + dickies, museum of american west

    saturday 6/19

    kiss + poison, verison amphitheatre

    lazy cowgirls, thunderbird (last show ever)

    leaving trains, spaceland

    harvey danger, troubador

    sunday 6/20

    carlos guitarlos, liquid kitty

    monday 6/21

    kmfdm, el rey

    ozomatli, dragonfly

    tuesday 6/22

    the roots + 311 , long beach arena

    legendary pink dots, troubador

    ozomatli, dragonfly

    wednesday 6/23

    the dead, verizon aphitheatre

    john doe, largo

    tony bennet, the greek

    juliana hatfield, knitting factory

    ozomatli, dragonfly

    thursday 6/24

    dresden dolls, viper room

    dickies + agent orange, vault 350

    joe henry, largo

    friday 6/25

    auf der maur, troubador

    bang tango, paladinos

    two bed two bath + steven adams + lauren clued me on on madpony’s demise, thanks lauren