at work im an underpaid superhero

risking life and limb for the benefit of a greater good.

but in real life im just a normal dude.

who am i to tell you how to write your blog.

but one thing i would like to see more of on the blogs that i read are pictures of your town.

blogger will even host your pictures for free.

or you could use buzznet.

or you could upload the pics onto your own server.

the point is, it’s not hard to do, it’s cheap, and it’s 2004 it’s ok to have pictures on your blog.

i say make it of your town. i say make it of the places that are ordinary to you, and things that are everyday, and some things that arent so everyday.

my man in the picture there is wearing a tshirt that says Atari on it. it’s a tribute in a way to lots of people’s first video game system.

neauvoux nostalgia some of my more cynical friends say, but its sometimes a good idea to ignore those folks.

anyway, show me whats going on in your neighborhood.

maybe once a week at least you should do something along those lines.

my true love is coming over right now.

shes driving up vermont and shes going to bring me two peices of extra crispy

mashed potatoes

and hot buttered love on a cob.

she had one request before she came over,

that i wouldnt say anything about riggs bank.

saidy + my sassy wife moxie + handwashing for lyfe

britney doesnt want me

to write about politics anymore. and i dont wanna do it neither.

i just want to write about taking pictures out of a greasy bus window cuz the subway was clogged with a broken train this morning.

i wanna write about how great it is to have lunch with danielle every afternoon that im not flying the smogy skies.

i wanna write about the cubbies and how they shouldnt be involved in any three-way trade with beantown and zona. the cubs should send glendon rusch and mitreto the the d-backs and for the big unit, and they should send corey patterson, alex gonzales and kyle farnsworth to the sox for nomar.

avoid the middle men.

i wanna write about how insane that cubbies lineup would be. i wanna write about how we need a ring right now, today. and speaking of rings, the cubs could pay for all of this nonesense real simple.

they should sell replica Cubs World Series rings via to all the fans for $420 that look exactly like the ones the Cubs would earn once they have Randy Johnson and Nomah.

are there 10,000 cubs fans who would wear such a gaudy, silly, doofus, nerdy, outrageous peice of jewlery?


theres probably 25,000.

i might buy two myself.

on one side it needs to say 1908 and on the other side it needs to say 2004.

you should be able to put your name on the underside for $25 extra.

“hey hey” should be in there somewhere, as well as a design of some ivy.

i would never take it off.

yes, these are the things that a man of my stature should be writing about at 4:20p on a friday evening before i head out to vegas for a much needed respite.

instead the president just keeps on saying look at me look at me

and nobody else feels inclined to write about it.

meanwhile i still havent had a chance to tell you about my two favorite cds of this year, so far…

Greg Vaine’s new cd, which makes me cry it’s so beautiful.

and Loretta Lynn’s collaboration with Jack White, that makes me smile cuz its so punk rock.

i hope you all have a great weekend.

ps. my hands are feeling so freaking great. id say theyre at 95%.

pps. Tsar will be on KXLU on Monday night at 11pm.

ppps. yes that is a KXLU sticker on the very top of the “no graffit please” sign, of which you can only see “los angeles” due to my dumb cropping

bunny mcintosh, your favorite sorta topless redhead college student needs you

what’s the special advisor to the president,

karl rove, so cocky about?

doesnt he know that today the Associated Press, after finding out that Texas law requires the Texas National Guard to keep a copy of all Guard records, (in a seperate place from where the feds keep such records) asked a federal judge to order the pentagon to release the documents.

this came in light of last friday’s report that the president’s Guard records, stored in Colorado, were accidentally destroyed.

Not all the records were inadvertantly decimated, mind you, just the months in question where nobody seems to know where the president was.

Some are accusing him of deserting.

Some say he only went AWOL.

Some say the Texas records are in a Texas trashcan.

And yet some insist that the records that have been released are enough to prove that the president served his time. Even if the records that were released are difficult to read.

So i dont know why Rove is so cocky.

Maybe it’s because he knows that no way will the American people blame Bush or Rummy for the attrocities happening in Iraq at the hands of US soldiers who are raping children in such a way that their mothers are asking to be killed so that they dont have to watch their boys and girls get sodomized.

in the days of chimpanzees i was


which is silly because this adminstration has refused to accept blame for anything that it has been responsible for, directly or indirectly, since it stole the election.

setting quite a precident along the way

and almost forcing the pendulum to swing all the way to the left to make up for it.

which in this blogger’s opinion isnt the best solution.

but it is a solution.

and if these records prove that the president was a deserter, i would have to think that impeachment/resignation is only the first step.

court-martial should naturally come next.

batty baby + injection + cup of chica

i didnt know you could

sell a bank that was being investigated by everyone from the fbi to the 9/11 commission for allowing money-laundering to happen.

a bank whose former manager yesterday pleaded the fifth as a Senate panel investigation tried to get to the bottom of the fact that fomer Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was allowed to bring in a 60-pound suitcase to a branch filled with $3 million in cash wrapped in plastic without raising an eyebrow.

but Riggs bank is a special bank. the president’s uncle, after all is the CEO of its investment branch, so when the 9/11 Commission spent 28 pages reporting about how the Saudis funded terrorists through the bank, the president redacted those pages.

riggs bank, who the Associated Press described as having a “near exclusive franchise” on the banking needs of Washington DC embassies, serving 95% of them including the Saudi embassy, the one who funded at least the two terrorists in san diego and probably more.

so special is this bank that the instapundit wont even talk about it. has never ever mentioned riggs bank, and probably has no plans on mentioning it, especially since it will soon just be PNC Bank, and Riggs Bank nevermore.

why does the instapundit take it easy on Riggs?

probably because the president’s uncle johnathan, gw bush’s brother, is probably knee-high in dirt from these dealings, and the attitude has always been from conservative bloggers that it’s not news unless drudge says its news.

and drudge sure aint gonna talk about it.

why on earth would drudge or the instapundit be interested in a once-respected bank being run by the president’s uncle that is being embroiled in controversy and fines and bad dealings?

i dont know… cuz its news. 9/11 news at that.

things are completely fucked when you have to go to the busblog for your news.

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