1. Monday, July 19, 2004

    clipper girl knew that her cousin 

    had to wake up early to go to nursing school. which is why, i assume, my phone rang at 6:20am.

    i couldnt sleep last night, she told me.

    her cousin had only just left my home.

    i couldnt sleep either, baby.

    this doesnt mean that i dont cherish the relationship that i have with jimmy she said.

    just hurry up, i have to go to work soon.

    she sped over and tapped on my backdoor.

    i had changed the sheets, i put new towels up, i put new music in. incense was burning to get her cousin’s scent out of the house or mask it or hide it, or something.

    i dont know why im here, she said. youre disgusting.

    the cheerleader is always right i said and let her in as two english muffins popped up.

    they stayed up as we kissed in the doorway, lip kisses cuz tongue is what’s cheating.

    she stayed close to me as i put my hands all over her back and then lower. she gasped in my ear when i kept my hands down there.

    i bit at her neck. i bit at her shoulder. she has the best skin. the best everything.

    i whispered if i could turn her around and she turned around and pushed her sweet ass against my pajama bottom. and i felt her up bewildered because not only did i think she was so freaking in love with melvin or jamal or whatever the dude’s name was, Jimmy, that i … whatever, she arched her back and couldnt have looked sexier.

    my alarm went off in my bedroom.

    i took her hand and led her in there. she resisted. i said games games games. so dull. we have no time in the morn. lets just lay together and cuddle.

    we layed and cuddled for maybe ten seconds and started making out. shes a good kisser. theyre all good kissers.

    i massaged her little tits as we made out and i reached my hand down to her ruffled skirt and she told me that it was that time of the month.

    i’ll put down a towel, i said. i’ll put down twenty towels, shit.

    in sports you can see a man’s gameface. its mean. its angry. its all business.

    clippergirl has a gameface in bed that i had forgotten all about. it’s like transformers. her eyes turn asian, her clothes get sexier. her mouth morphs. she becomes twenty times hotter than normal, which is practically impossible.

    i told her how hot she looked and she wasnt buying it. she was thinking that i was just trying to get some. i was already getting some, ho! we rolled around in my california king. beck was on. then the beastie boys. i wondered what the neighbors were thinking about all the bass.

    unlike the men i see in the xrated films that the ladies bring over and force me to watch, it appears that my mighty sword is a little more sensitive than the adult film actors. i cant just grind my thing up against lace and ruffles and gstrings and etc. i made a reach to the condom drawer and put one on.

    she protested. i said, im just gonna rub it up against you. you know how sensitive lil tone is. i rubbed it on her bad place. i reached around to her tits. she was loving all of it. we were magic together. in bed. as always. i heard a pop. i was afraid i wasnt rubbing any more down there, that i was now ‘izing. she wasnt saying to stop so i didnt stop.

    then she told me to stop.

    then i saw that the condom had broken.

    then she said that i was a creep. then i said i hadnt completed. then she said nothing and i said nothing

    and then we made out

    with tongue.

    andy show + tiffany + anti