1. Friday, August 13, 2004

    and on the fifth day the lord brought forth 

    an angry storm to wash away the sins of the dirty south.

    the palm trees bent and the salty waves crashed.

    the birds tumbled through the relentless wind and the chads hung no more,

    they flew and were set free.

    talking heads in weathergaurded parkas and microphones stood beachside and reported the oncoming bonnie and pissed off charley while back in the studio the doplar radar animated the ominus two front attack

    but it was the lord at work

    mother nature the pagans called him but he never cared much for names

    just actions.

    bonnie curved like a kerry wood screwball, swirling west at new orleans but then swerving east where real sin sat


    home of the lame

    anita bryant, broward county, jeb bush, butterfly ballots

    the state that offered exile to steve bartman but kicked out elian.

    the alligators snap at the evil and shit out tax free palm trees but all the coke in kokomo cant make things better again

    all the buried and forgotten tony montona cockroaches have risen again like junkie zombies taking the form of government officials and judges who try to make us believe that black people in their county overwhelmingly voted for patrick j. buchannan.

    burn hollywood burn

    hollywood florida that is

    and by burn i mean of course soak.

    soak in the silky suds of salvation, you,

    our least sunshiney state.

    the swamp where dreams and democracy died.

    “blow wind blow”

    by tom waits

    from frank’s wild years

    I ride upon a field mouse

    I was dancin’ in the slaughterhouse

    And if you swing along the beltway

    You skid along the all day

    Cause I went a little crazy

    And I sat upon a high chair

    And I’m smokin’ like a diesel

    Way out here

    And if you’ll blow wind blow

    Wherever you may go

    Put on your overcoat

    Take me away

    danielle + nay + bored housewife