1. Monday, August 16, 2004

    name: dumbass 

    location: hollywood

    hair color? skintone

    eye color? brown and occassionally bloodshit

    age? hundred and something

    sexiest man ever? prince

    do you like your breasts? they’re hairy, theyre firm, they dont sag, whats not to love?

    color of your bathing suit: white, blue, and frequently unused

    is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? depends on if the love was worth it.

    give me a book, movie, CD, and song recommendation. cruddy, my life as a dog, loretta lynn’s van lear rose, band+girls+money

    what could you never tell your parents? who wil wheaton is and how many more hits he gets than me every damn day.

    are you in a romantic relationship right now? several, however, unfortunately none are sexual

    paper or plastic? plastic which i then recycle at the store

    favorite song lyric? if only you were lonely/i’d go home with you

    tell me a secret: theres not as much lying going on here as i would like

    are you a good liar? the best, which is why i try not to abuse it

    opinion on gay marriage? if we enforced the “till death do you part” commitment then marriage would mean something. therefore all of this is just a piss test to see who the homosexual more. currently the president is winning that dubious honor.

    if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? i would have interned for the LA Times a long time ago.

    what’s your favorite accent? pillow talk

    are you on antidepressants? fuck modern medicine until they can cure the common cold.

    tell me a joke: half of america will vote for bush

    everyone knows most people are… better than they come across on television

    vous-parlez francais? un petite peut

    is there a song or a CD or something that you strongly associate with a certain event in your life? i cant listen to the ramones’s version of “do you wanna dance” without thinking about the time that my friends’s apartment was being raided by the cops on the same night that the xbi poisoned me with six hits of liquid acid and i could barely walk let alone skateboard.

    how have you changed in the past year? ive given up on all of my dreams. (in a good way.)

    what is one thing you want to do before you die? triplets.

    do you like to travel? mais oui.

    states you’ve been to: almost all of them.

    what countries have you been to? england, france, italy, sweden, denmark, belgium, switzerland, germany, mexico, aruba, spain.

    where do/did you go to school?:

    medinah high school, santa monica college, uc isla vista

    smoke cigarettes? only while undercover

    lucky number: 666

    favorite super hero: underdog

    favorite sport: competitive blogging

    worst mistake you ever made: not marrying my true love in frisco

    if you were an animal, what would you be? endangered

    last cd you bought: American IV: The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash

    last movie you saw: magnolia

    favorite tv channel: E!

    ever been arrested? not yet

    ever had to have surgery? im indestructible

    kind of bike you had as a kid? schwinn with a banana seat and a sissy bar

    kind of phone: lame ass big one.

    lefty or righty: im a deadly slap hitter from both sides of the plate, but i have suprising power from the right side.

    what would you want to do if you got drunk? smoke.

    do you like your name? it’ll do for now.

    what do you want to be when you grow up? fat(er)

    favorite concert you have been to? replacements at the roxy in LA circa 1986

    favorite board game: APBA

    favorite drink: baileys tall with some ice and some cream

    favorite sound: bacon crackling in the morning at a new girls house

    favorite smell: freshly cut wrigley field grass in the early morning

    drinks with or without ice cubes? this is 2004. such things shouldnt even have to be asked. the question should be what type of ice. i like the ones that look like little life preservers because the girls like to play little kissing games.

    favorite thing to do on the weekends: think about writing

    favorite soundtrack: urg: a music war

    what was the first thing you thought to yourself when you woke up this morning: god im lucky.

    what are you doing after you finish this? looking for a picture to put next to it. or two.

    who did you get this from: fragrant de milo

    litwack + planet sara + tim blair