things ive missed over the last few weeks

a man was fired from his job after heckling bush at a rally

what its like to work at mcdonalds

john kerry releases a video clip reminding people that this isnt the first time george bush hid behind a fringe veterans group to tarnish his opponent’s unimpeachable miltary record.

lightening struck the hell out of vegas

a pretty damn good post from someone who then didnt post again for a few weeks

king benny has mixed feelings about the busblog, but mostly good i think

tim blair met the instapundit

flagrant wrote an incredibly happy and optimistic post. i hope it wasnt written by a ghost writer.

raymi linked to me

linda had a really good week of posts, mostly about being a prison guard

25 bush flip flops

sk smith was obviously confused by my poor writing, i meant, write about things that are scary (aka embarrasing, secret-ish, revealing, risky, frank) when you cant think of anything to write.

google ipo’ed at 100 and has already begun its climb.

the busblog turned three years old.

teera met napolean dynomite

texas man released after spending 42 years in jail for a crime he didnt do. he was released when it was discovered that his fingers were cracked in the doors of a cell in order to make him confess. he escaped several times and his wife was given six years after trying to sneak a saw into a prison in order to help him break out.

matt welch is no longer an assclown?

the beverly connection amc theatres closed. i saw 8 mile there and jeepers creepers. they should have turned it into a $2 theatre now that the new beverly is full price again. i blame the archlight for the competition and thus closure of this theatre more than the grove. and that weird strip mall is amazingly ghetto from being right across the street from one of the classiest malls in america.

gorilla mask mysteriously disappeared