jonah at la blogs dot com

is a nice enough fellow, and i dont know why im not a good person, but im not.

this week he asked simple questions that i didnt answer, and i’m a pudtz cuz i dont join in with the la blog o sphere the way i probably should.

we have a great bunch here in lalaland. ranging from matt and emmaunelle to ben and kate sullivan to mc brown and buzznet to sean bonner and, to kitty bukkake, my wife moxie, lick covergirl tiffany,

to charles johnson and lgf to the volokhs and mickey kaus,

to the rabbit blog, the advice goddess, cathy seipp and luke ford,

to koganuts to franklin ave and laist and brian flemming and boing boing and jim gilliam,

from anti to vaine, from rupaul to treacher to xtracyx from steve smith to floorpie

to tonecluster and the mollusk and injection from negro please to dirty fez, from bunsen and the internet junkie to my hourly favorite flagrant, just to name a few off the top of my head

we should have another blogparty at linse‘s pad.

so anyway here’s the answers i shoulda given a week ago when he asked on like a nice guy.

Leaving LA

1. When you can only get out of LA for a weekend, where do you like to go? vegas. it used to be santa barbara but that place just makes me want to live there, and then sadness ensues. vegas however is perfect in every way.

2. Where do you stay when you go there? (lodging and/or region) when i worked for philips we stayed at the rio which has that all you can eat seafood buffet and suites in all of the rooms but it’s off the strip, when i worked for microsoft we stayed at caesars which is mighty classy, but it’s fun to bop around each time and try somewhere new. i have still yet to stay at the hard rock.

3. Where do you go on vacation to get as far out of the LA lifestyle? baja. there nobody cares what you are dressed like, nobody has fancy cars, and all the pricks get tossed into the jails immediately. there are also no valets.

4. For longer vacations, 1-2 weeks, where have you been that you would go back to? amsterdam. for the art, of course. they have just enough of it.

5. Where do you dream of going, but haven’t been? japan. i would like to see the toyko giants play, i would like to see a concert at budokan, and i would like to see how long it would take to kiss 100 japanese girls.

6. Where have you been on vacation where you thought “I could settle here”? everywhere.

7. What place in Los Angeles makes you feel like you’re already on vacation? the sands of venice beach are terribly relaxing to me.

8. Where in Los Angeles would you warn tourists to stay away from, even though a lot of them end up there? universal city walk. it’s just an outdoor mall people! one that charges you $10 to park at! it’s just a mall! + + la.buzznet

a while ago when i was on vacation

me and chrisi wore my cubs floppy hat whereever i went.

since then any time i wear my floppy hat i feel like im on vacation.

the other day at work we were about to do some gnarly shit.

i was sorta pissed off because i didnt see anything on the board telling us that we had anything gnarly planned for the afternoon and there we were flying to a scene and i was slightly stressed out,

which never happens as i am icy cool under pressure

and i took off my helmet and put on my floppy hat and it immediately relaxed me. mind over matter. or in this case mind over mind.

everything was fine until someone noticed on my cockpit cam and dude said in my earpeice

wtf you doing captain?

there was a time when when people talked about the xbi they talked about guys without vests on, without nightvision, and without fear.

guys so tough they wrote their phone numbers on the ass cheeks of the worst guys they caught

so when the cops found them hogtied and defeated they would know who to thank.

and there i was tens of thousands of feet above concrete being told to put on my helmet.

but what of my magic hat of relaxation i whispered

and dove with the sun behind me

so as to avoid a lot of shadow.

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