1. Wednesday, September 8, 2004

    it’s been so long since i’ve gotten any 

    that even the chicks i got it on with don’t even remember.


    mr_dumbass: when was the last time we got it on?

    CliprGirl: ummm, maybe 2 months ago

    mr_dumbass: you dont have the exact date?

    CliprGirl: no!

    CliprGirl: why would i

    mr_dumbass: cuz girls remember these things

    mr_dumbass: by the way how is that sweet ness

    CliprGirl: ohhh

    CliprGirl: wait

    CliprGirl: maybe I do know…was it…

    CliprGirl: the night of the White Orchid champagne tasting

    mr_dumbass: did you put out that night?

    mr_dumbass: you wouldn’t even let me touch you in front of your “friends”

    CliprGirl: righht

    mr_dumbass: or were you just on the d/l

    mr_dumbass: and then i rang your bell once we got to my house?

    CliprGirl: sorry, I am trying to get my agent to stop putting me on these gay shoots and my ohone is ringing off the hook, and you’re blowing up my chat box.

    mr_dumbass: no prob

    CliprGirl: Tony, I don’t remember when the last time is that we had sex

    CliprGirl: sorry

    CliprGirl: but it was about 2 months ago

    CliprGirl: maybe a bit more

    mr_dumbass: but you’re pretty sure we didn’t do it the day we went sailing?

    CliprGirl: yep sure

    mr_dumbass: hmmm

    thank jah nothing in here is true or i might be busting at the seams right now itching to at least go to my nearest strip jointery to remind myself what a naked girl looks like.

    sahalie + radiohumper + anti doesnt have these problems