karisa gives us an NFL football preview

<3_Karisa_<3: yo! <3_Karisa_<3: how are you today, mr. pierce?! mr_dumbassss: eh mr_dumbassss: i want to write but i have nothing to write about <3_Karisa_<3: you can write about how i was in vegas w/my bro and his friends and i had to go to the bathroom really bad. <3_Karisa_<3: we all just drank like 5 beers in 2 minutes. <3_Karisa_<3: so we went down this wierd hallway to use the restroom and the women's room was being cleaned. <3_Karisa_<3: so no one was in the men's room, so i just went in w/all them. <3_Karisa_<3: in a stall. <3_Karisa_<3: then some man busted in and said "you can't bring a whore in here- you will get arrested". mr_dumbassss: ooooooooooooooh <3_Karisa_<3: and they told him to get the hell out of there. <3_Karisa_<3: then my bro went to his store (some wicked lame clothing store) and said "call my sister a whore again and i'll fucking kill you" <3_Karisa_<3: can you believe that? mr_dumbassss: well mr_dumbassss: were you dressed particularily whore-like? <3_Karisa_<3: no! <3_Karisa_<3: i was wearing flip flops! <3_Karisa_<3: it was right after i got there. <3_Karisa_<3: i wasn't in 'vegas attire' mr_dumbassss: ahahaha <3_Karisa_<3: maybe my boobs were slightly hanging out.... but.... mr_dumbassss: were you giving head for $5? <3_Karisa_<3: phmmmph. i think i would charge more than that! <3_Karisa_<3: haha- <3_Karisa_<3: tony! mr_dumbassss: do you follow the pats closely or what? <3_Karisa_<3: close enough. <3_Karisa_<3: btw, my red sox are only 2 games behind. mr_dumbassss: btw i am quite aware of that <3_Karisa_<3: :-) mr_dumbassss: im ignoring baseball right now mr_dumbassss: it depresses me <3_Karisa_<3: it is so exciting! <3_Karisa_<3: red sox are going to defeat the yankees. mr_dumbassss: god willing mr_dumbassss: who is the coach of the pats? <3_Karisa_<3: bill bellicheck mr_dumbassss: why is that fairy tom brady so good? <3_Karisa_<3: b/c he is so hot. mr_dumbassss: is he married? <3_Karisa_<3: no. mr_dumbassss: if he was in that vegas mens room would you still be a virgin? <3_Karisa_<3: haha- only b/c i love my bf and am waiting until we are married ;-) <3_Karisa_<3: did you know he was an 'organizational studies' major? <3_Karisa_<3: wtf is that? mr_dumbassss: football degree <3_Karisa_<3: that is a tenth deduction. <3_Karisa_<3: i've decided to rank everything/everyone like in the olympics. <3_Karisa_<3: they get a start value. <3_Karisa_<3: then they get bonus points & deductions. <3_Karisa_<3: like at dinner the other night. <3_Karisa_<3: 20% tip to start. <3_Karisa_<3: 1 pt deduction for saying she will get me a new beer and then totally forgetting. <3_Karisa_<3: she ended up with an 18.5% mr_dumbassss: after two superbowls i cant imagine a girl like you giving your boy brady anything other than a perfect 10 <3_Karisa_<3: he gets a 10... he had a bonus start value ;-) <3_Karisa_<3: for being super-hot mr_dumbassss: do girls really check out dudes asses or is that bogus <3_Karisa_<3: in football or in general? mr_dumbassss: either <3_Karisa_<3: we do it as a joke really. <3_Karisa_<3: we don't really care. <3_Karisa_<3: now if you turn the boy around... we might sneak seriously glance on that side! mr_dumbassss: as if that would give a girl any clue mr_dumbassss: will the pats repeat as superbowl champs? <3_Karisa_<3: well... we have practically the same team. <3_Karisa_<3: so why not? <3_Karisa_<3: i want them to win, and it would be great. i don't want to be selfish though. <3_Karisa_<3: i want the sox to win more! <3_Karisa_<3: are you still going to come over this evening? mr_dumbassss: no <3_Karisa_<3: you bum! mr_dumbassss: what will be the score tonight? <3_Karisa_<3: patriots: 34 <3_Karisa_<3: 4 touchdown passes from brady <3_Karisa_<3: 2 field goals mr_dumbassss: and indianapolis? <3_Karisa_<3: i will give the colts 24.... <3_Karisa_<3: as a gift. <3_Karisa_<3: so 'no ride' is no excuse. mr_dumbassss: i do need to go home to get my special nfl kickoff rum mr_dumbassss: if i take the subway to hollywood and vine, can i call you to pick me up there? <3_Karisa_<3: yes. absolutely. mr_dumbassss: awesome mr_dumbassss: will you let me bbq for you? <3_Karisa_<3: you must! <3_Karisa_<3: i have burgers and hot dogs. <3_Karisa_<3: we can grill by the pool at halftime. <3_Karisa_<3: bring your swimsuit in case! mr_dumbassss: yeah right brett lamb‘s blog has been invaded by phil collins + kate sullivan + flagrant mentioned my name