1. Thursday, September 30, 2004

    ok so this will be the notes for the big pitch tomorrow. 

    i will go to this as a shortcut to examples of things that i have done on the blog and site over the years.

    please feel free to add any other busblog moments in the comments.

    42 photo essays

    links page

    fifteen minute photo essay

    best week ever + wonkette + gawker + metafilter + boing boing

    interview with an escalator

    2001 a year in review

    summer of 2001

    technorati results for tonypierce.com

    auctioning a link on ebay

    the day i sold my fro

    interview with a skinny x model

    how to blog

    how to vote

    this years stats

    riggs bank

    zack braff

    woman of the year 2003

    man of the year 2002