everyones going to run out

to buy or rent the summer’s biggest suprise hit, michael moore’s little documentary fahrenheit 9/11 which becomes available this tuesday.

heralded by most and slandered by few, the most controversial documentary of all time is so controversial that even its status as a documentary is under debate by those who attack it.

years from now their grandchildren will ask them why they attacked the movies for its alleged falsehoods instead of the president and his falsehoods, and they will mutter something about moore being fat

and a worse kind of liar:

a democrat.

as a registered independent, i wouldnt know anything about lies, and i know less about documentaries, but i do love music, and today i found out that moore’s film has two authorized soundtracks attatched to it.

the first, released by the hardest working label in showbusiness, Rhino Records, has all the tunes that helped make moore’s film so powerful.

Official Soundtrack

Rhino Records

which includes:

Vacation — The Go-Gos

We Gotta Get Out of this Place — Eric Burdon

Cocaine — J.J. Cale

Shiny Happy People — R.E.M.

Magnificent Seven Theme — Elmer Bernstein

Fire Water Burn — Bloodhound Gang

Theme from “Greatest American Hero” — Joey Scarbury

Rockin’ In the Free World — Neil Young

Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11

Sony Music

which includes:

Chimes Of Freedom (Live) – Bruce Springsteen

With God On Our Side – Bob Dylan

We Want It All – Zack de la Rocha

Masters Of War (Live) – Pearl Jam

Travelin’ Soldier – Dixie Chicks

Fortunate Son (Live) – John Fogerty

Know Your Rights – The Clash

The Revolution Starts Now – Steve Earle

Where Is The Love? – Black Eyed Peas feat. Justin Timberlake

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

maybe miss montreal will come over this week and she and i can re-watch this summers favorite movie of mine.

and afterward i will show her some etchings, i mean soundtracks.

mist + layne + case + the history of saddam’s relationship with the usa in 2.5 minutes

racing and rolling and twisting and coming

and digging and rocking and whining and running. she and her best friend she and her girl friend she and her stick pin she and her whip ing. she said im here i said good she said im turning i said good. said im drunk i said good. said im ready said you wish.

boom went her jet pack zip went her full back snap went the garters cha sneezed the sleestack.

there was banging and smashing and clattering and flattering. i saw hairflings and backflips and handprints and noserings. i smelled candies and passion and candles and beer. i tasted butterscotch and chocolate and teenage lust and fear.

nobody would have guessed it as she ripped off her corset revealing the tattoo on her little back of dumbass you know who

and who would have thought that when her girlfriend did the same thing when the bell rang that the drunktards by the pool house would be passed out

and would miss out.

for opportunity knocks for some but for others she creeps home and for others she drives fast but for me she just sings sad. opportunity in a plaid skirt with a best friend and a ascot and rum shot and lip stick and a hi pinch of pleasant pain.

pretty please begs the palm leaves against the sunroof of the gameroom, not again pleads the cherry red shining perfectly against the white bed.

outnumbered and outgunned think of something fun twenty one plus

twenty one plus twenty one plus nine teen plus

take a break driver sisyphus

but he wont stop and you cant stop cuz they dont stop cuz theyre racing

and theyre rolling, dressed for bowling, stop your mowing, bring your bowties and her pig tails and her ribbons and your ghost tales

cuz they want it and they know it and they show it and they blow it

and they want it and they want it and they wind it and they touch it

and they feel it cant control it

but they own it dont they know it.

and they own it dont they know it

and they own it

dont they know it.

bunny + nc-17 solitare + webnymph