danielle and i talked on the phone tonight.

it was nice. shes a good girl. some people you just click with perfectly.

first time danielle and i talked was at the xbi. but you dont care about that. what do you care about.

two fuckers go into a bar.

ones named danielle ones named tony.

danielles the flower girl at the stand in the corner of the office building on wilshire in la.

tonys the undercover superhero fed up with saving a place that doesnt want to be saved.

they both just want to go to mexico with antis six foot bong and drink until they become distant memories in the footnotes of a failed experiment that some called the xbi.

i do cuz im old school and respectful.

i dont even want to tell you what the youngins call it.

danielle asked me when my birthday is and i told her and she said whats the hollywood bungalows address and i said its on the side of my blog. she said good. i said include some nude pics. she said i can do that. i said i was kidding, but she, im thinking, just may include some nude pics. how did that happen.

i dont get a lot of nude pics cuz of the blog any more, im noticing. i think thats because im writing about politics, although it might be a coincidence.

danielle usually doesnt read this far down in the entry so let me tell you something that she hates reading or talking about, hits. in a few days im going to pass a million pageviews for the second year in a row.

what makes me happy about doing it this year is this year i didnt really have one huge day. i had one day when atrios linked me and i got like 7,000 hits. when the ny times linked me i got 5,000 hits, but thats it. all year has been relatively steady from lots of blogs around the web.

theres a freedom when youre not betrothen to any one person for your readership. when you are free you can make more breakthroughs, grow faster, and stay fresher.

anna wants to get married. one of her friends is britney spears. all these girls who keep saying they want to be free run around getting married/not really married and you want to shake em and say i thought you wanted to be free.

but you cant shake em cuz theyre laced up to your bedpost

saying mmmmggghhhh mgggghhh mggghhhh

so you de-gag the one who speaks english and she says

are you tivoing the apprentice

and you kiss her, put the gag back on, check the tv in the big room

and come back ready


and ready to redefine spectacular.

spit circle + bukkake, kitty + george bush takes the global test