A few more disclaimers

that I would have liked to have seen in Glenn’s disclaimer

4. Don’t expect me to ever tell the truth about the current administration. When they are wrong, fuck up, or have bad days I will bury it because if I don’t the republic might fall.

5. If you don’t share my political beliefs don’t expect me to link to you, even if I am writing about you directly.

6. Even if I make 30 posts in a day about the alleged biases and failings of newspapers, candidates, or journalists, don’t expect me to ever write about the alleged biases and failings of right-wing bloggers or the administration.

7. I don’t have comments because I don’t like people reminding me of my shortcomings.

8. I have never seen a slam on the Dems that I haven’t liked or linked.

9. I am happy with this war, this president, the debates, the lack of weapons of mass destruction in iraq, the lack of troops in afghanistan, the US economy over the last four years, and the gas prices here in the states.

10. I’m not interested in being anything more than a tool for the right and an echo of their propaganda.

11. I am proud of the fact that I am less-balanced than Matt Drudge.

12. Even though I am an intelligent, capable, young law professor at a major university, I would rather not use any of those skills to actually bring about real debate or analysis to this incredibly interesting political race – instead I would rather stay partisan and ignore anything that is in opposition to what I believe.

13. There is nothing that George Bush could have done this term, other than pandering to France, that would have moved me to vote for Kerry.

14. I don’t care about George Bush’s military record, but I care deeply about Kerry’s.

15. Dan Rather used inaccurate documents and I was on his ass post after post for weeks even though he apologized five days later. President Bush sent us to war over inaccurate information and even though tens of thousands of people died over it and it sent our economy into a tailspin I refuse to criticize him for it, even though he has never apologized.

16. It took a comment on someone else’s blog to get me to be upfront to my readers about *some* of my intentions and behaviors, but Lord knows this disclaimer will be buried in the archives within days, and next week newcomers to my blog will continue to think that I am not as slanted as I know myself to be, and finally declared today.

17. I secretly love the busblog and if he were a right wing tool i’d be linking his black ass as much as i link all the other mini-limbaughs.

18. The right need a warm n fuzzy blog of good news and only good news and Instapundit.com will never let them down.

19. I am a Republican.

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