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  1. Thursday, October 28, 2004

    who knew they even had two tons 

    of weed in chicago?

    Two Arrested With $35 Million Worth Of Pot

    Two Tons Of Marijuana Found In Semi-Trailer

    CHICAGO — Two men were facing drug charges after Chicago Police officers found more than two tons of marijuana hidden in a semi-trailer this week, investigators said Wednesday.

    Jose Galvan, 25, and Adolfo Pitones, 38, were arrested Monday after officers searched their semi-trailer truck in Northlake and found more then 4,895 pounds of marijuana worth $35 million in street value, according to Lt. Peter Piazza, of the narcotics and gang investigation section of the organized crime division.

    An investigation began when police received a tip about a shipment of drugs coming through Chicago, Piazza said Wednesday at a news conference.

    Police located the truck Monday in Northlake, and, while the truck was unattended, confirmed drugs were inside using the K-9 Unit, Piazza said.

    The truck was then placed under surveillance, he said.

    Later Monday, Pitones backed the semi-trailer into a garage on the 11600 Block of West Grand Avenue in Northlake, Piazza said. Galvan then opened the trailer and went inside, he said.

    Twenty minutes later, the two men left the garage and Chicago police arrested them, because the investigation started in Chicago, Piazza said.

    Officers inspected the trailer and found the front wall of the trailer was taken apart, exposing a secret compartment containing the wrapped packages of marijuana.

    Pitones and Galvan were charged with possession of cannabis with intent to deliver, and if their paperwork cleared in time were scheduled to appear Wednesday in Central Bond Court, Piazza said.

    (my favorite part) –>> This seizure of drugs was considered a large amount of marijuana, Piazza said.

    The secret compartment of the semi-trailer created a false wall to hide the marijuana, Piazza said. The semi-trailer was 53 feet long, but with the compartment it appeared to only measure 48 feet long inside, he said.

    Officers removed three boards of plywood that made false wall and found a 13-foot-tall steel compartment. The compartment was divided into two sections, Piazza said.

    Galvan and Pitones used barbituric acid to cover up the smell of the drugs, a procedure that does not work, Piazza said. Police find many different agents used to cover up the smuggling of drugs, he said. However, the Canine Unit can smell the drugs despite the use of these agents, Piazza said.

    Engine oil, fabric softener, chili pepper, transmission fluid or brake fluid are just some of the agents used, according to Pat Camden, deputy director of Police News Affairs.

    In one case cocaine was hidden in guacamole, said Police News Affairs Director Dave Bayless.

    i guess that beats hiding it in camp david.

    nashville’s news + wonda + negrophile

  2. from the busblog archives 

    cheerleaders showed up last night. ready to rock.

    i got the boombox out of the bathroom and brought it into the guest bedroom cuz the girls like to make a mess wherever we happen to be.

    i lit candles and closed the windows as the ladies climbed into their outfits.

    the party started. i chose the jesus and mary chain-esque Ravonettes as the music for the evening. rocking, but mellow, romantic yet with an edge. copycat, but a fair copy. im open minded. i forgive.


    soon we were all twisted and upsidedown and backwards and heavy into it. quickly i was happy that i had locked the windows because it became loud and i get nervous about my neighbors thinking that either someone is being killed or that im watching an adult film at a high volume. for some reason i do care what they think. yes, im nuts.

    sheets were ripped off the corners of the mattress, pillows hurled, clothes damaged, scratch marks created, posters injured, rhythms established.

    after awhile i was working on just one of the ladies, concentrating, creating, being one with the energy, breathing, etc. while the other ran out for some whipped cream and restraints.

    we had a little thing happening. a good thing. i would be more descriptive but confidences would be abused. lets just say that everything was going wonderfully.

    and then the cd skipped

    and then it skipped again.

    then it gave that modern dududududududududu sound.

    it threw me.

    she whispered how good it felt.

    chicks never pay attention to the rock.

    i tried to refocus on her which i did for a sec but i couldnt


    damn cd. it would get hung up for a sec and then pause, make it to the next measure and get stuck again. the most hideous sounds.

    my girl didnt care. she was seeing stars. she was hooked on a feeling. she was barely legal and nearly there.

    thanks to the absinthe i wasnt anywhere near there so when it became obvious that the cd needed to go to the next track i climbed off and hit the forward button and returned to the scene of the slime.

    my cheerleader wasnt at all pleased as she caught her breath.

    sorry baby, that was killing me, i told her.

    i hate you she said and dug her pearly whites into my neck and we went back at it.

    her cousin soon returned and everything went very nicely until the post game interviews when she told the press that she hated the fact that i paused and left her stranded right on the peak of mt. olympus to mess with the stupid cd. i explained that i thought she was being as distracted as i was.

    she said, fuckhead, did i seem distracted? color still on her flushed cheeks.

    and if i dont wire my guest room to accept the mp3 feed from my 400mhz computer im a dumbass.

    even though im one anyway.

    sk smith + flagrant + saidy has the new emenim video up and the lyrics

  3. a case against California’s three-strikes law 

    br />

    we here in Cali dont play.

    if you lose to the pistons in the finals we’ll fire the greatest coach of all time and the best center in the league.

    if you are winning the late night talk show wars but you suck, you’ll get a 5-year pink slip.

    and if a simi valley court rules that the cops who gang-beat rodney king are not guilty we will burn down simi valley south central.

    nine years ago we voted for the Three Strikes law that said if you commit three felonies you will go to jail for 25 years to life.

    crime has gone down in california but not everyone is sold that its because of three strikes.

    infact some, including the traditionaly conservative Orange County Register, say that three strikes have unfairly sentenced 600+ drug-related criminals to life terms.

    if hitchcock were still around i could see him making a film of a guy who gets involved in a barfight who punches the wrong guy and gets convicted for battery (one strike). maybe a few years later he’s doing a line in the bathroom of a club and a cop who finds a tiny amount of cocaine on him, thats two strikes. lets say a few years later he gets a dui – there is a huge probability that he will go to jail for at least 25 years and maybe life.

    wtf, cali?

    heres a real life example: a few years back when i lived in frisco i was on a jury.

    a guy saw two teenagers going door-to-door selling newspaper subscriptions. one of the kids had a shiny 49ers jacket. the guy grabbed one of the kids and stole his jacket.

    when the case went to trial, we jurors thought (even though we werent supposed to) “what the hell is this doing in court? fine the jerk and put him in the hole for a few months.”

    but we all collectively (unspoken) assumed that this was the guy’s third strike.

    so all of us sat in that room and thought “are we going to give this bully 25 years to LIFE for being a dumbass?”

    because of that we were extra hard on the prosecution and when the witnesses testimonies didnt match up and when the description of the perp didnt fully match up with the defendent we let him off the hook

    even though we all knew he probably did it.

    if it werent for three strikes we would have easilly convicted him and gone on our way. but because we knew we might have sent a man to life in prison over a dumbass niners jacket we let him go.

    because of that i am going to vote for Proposition 66, which will reform the three strikes law which the OC Reg says “would reserve enhanced sentencing for serious or violent felonies, and it narrows the definition of serious felonies to exclude attempted burglary, burglary of an unoccupied residence (though not when someone is home), conspiracy to commit assault and a few others. It enhances sentencing for sex offenses against children. And it would allow current “third strikers” convicted of nonviolent or nonserious crimes a rehearing, after which their sentence could be reduced or they could be released.”

    sounds much better to me.

    lithium journals has a great new redesign + zulieka has a new nude self portrait + her ex just made a blog hating on her, but only makes her sound more appealing

  4. Wednesday, October 27, 2004


    i didn’t know one could beat a curse by buying a world series title

    second highest payroll in baseball

    $12,500 behind the Yankees in median salary

    but great for Boston fans, just like it was for Yankee fans, and the ’01 D-back fans, and the ’97 Marlins fans.

    – jules

    easy jules.

    $11.5 mil went to nomar who didnt beat the yankees and didnt beat the cards.

    some of the people who did beat those teams included mark bellhorn $490k, keith foulke $3.5 mil, derek lowe $4.5 mil. bill mueller $2.1 mil, and johnny damon at $8 mil.

    their most clutch hitter and mvp david ortiz made $4.6 mil.

    of course youre going to have to pay for pedro, manny, and schilling – those guys arent free.

    plus they were competiting regularilly with the yankees who had 8 guys making over $10 mil each.

    the story of the 2004 red sox might be many things but it’s not the tale of theo epstein breaking the bank to outspend steinbrenner.

    his last big trade, if you remember was one where he let go of nomar in a multi team deal so that the sox would have better defense.

    dramatic, bittersweet, not sexy, but successful.

    when i think of this postseason i will think far more about how they came back 3-0 against the hated yankees, holders of the richest team salary in baseball history, and swept the next four games.

    and won four more in a row in the world series against the st louis cardinals, holders of the best record in baseball this year.

    but mostly i will think about curt schillings bloody red sock,

    and how they won the world series

    their first in 86 years

    the night of a lunar eclipse.

    bambinos curse + boston dirt dogs + surviving grady + obey pedro

  5. 1. why do sexy chicks put the crucifix between their tits 

    2. why do people tell me that id get more hits if id capitalize. why does every woman think shes fat. why does every man think hes gotta be a millionaire superhero knowitall genius.

    3. why cant the cubs get it together before i die.

    4. why do people think they can jinx sporting events by saying things like oooo hes throwing a no hitter or how about them sox.

    5. why do people who talk so much shit about the mainstream media only vote for people that the mainstream media pays attention to.

    6. why is it that theres 100 channels and yet everyone for the most part watches the same three channels that have always been around even though everyone agrees those stations havent gotten any better over the years.

    7. why is it that everybodys older stuff is always better than their new shit.

    8. how come mary-kate and ashley hit the wall as soon as they turned 18.

    9. why is it that cbs news was pretty much decimated by bloggers in pajamas and not only do they still not have a cbs newsblog but blogger isnt selling pajamas.

    10. why is it that nobody gives a crap when gasoline jumps fifty cents a gallon (or $10 a fillup) but if stamps ever went up a dime thered be widespread panic.

    11. why isnt weed legal.

    12. if the president wants to knock homosexuals for being against the bible, why doesnt his wife cover her face as is also commanded in the good book? similarily why doesnt he paint the posts of his doors with lambs blood in honor of the Father?

    13. for a nation of intellects who run around calling other people’s countries “third world” why is it that the united states lets its morals be governed by religious conservatives who have no class, no style, and buggar little boys?

    14. since mtv and vh-1 have turned their backs on music videos and have stolen their programming from E!, why doesn’t E! then start showing 10 hours of music videos a day?

    15. if cable isnt privy to the mandates of the fcc how come i cant see titties on any channel other than hbo, showtime or skinamax. isnt the rule, if you pay for it to come into your house it isnt to be regulated? fine, then let me see titties on mtv.

    16. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, “i will make sure that your tap water is as clean as bottled water.”

    17. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, “i may have my faults, but that guy is a fucking loser.”

    18. why are there still fax machines.

    19. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, “ticketmaster is the longest running fucking monopoly of all time. we’re breaking them up.”

    20. why cant pro cheerleaders date the football players.

    21. why do we have to execute people humanely. the point is to deter people for doing things that caused the execution. and the point is to kill the person. who cares if it takes three minutes instead of one minute. let them smoke on the chair and shake around a lil.

    22. why do girls think that visible bra straps or panty lines are “trashy”, have you seen the slutty clothes people wear these days?

    23. when will there be a presidential nominee who will say, “pot has never killed anyone, ever. booze and cigs kill tens of thousands a year. wtf, america?”

    24. how come more houses dont have basements.

    25. when did waterbeds fade away.

    26. how come all the girls i go out with only want to have sex with me and not be my girlfriend?

    27. if theres seperation between church and state, why cant priests tell their congregations who they think they should vote for?

    28. explain to me again how tommy chong went to jail and rush limbaugh didnt, and tommy wasnt even busted for drugs.

    29. why do we tolerate radio sucking so badly.

    30. why on earth would anyone ever want to “grow up”.

    sk smith + kitty bukkake + leah

  6. michael powell, chairman of the fcc 

    was a guest on a san francisco radio show.

    howard stern, king of all media, found out and called into the show.

    the two talked for the first time… ever, and yet the radio host was more concerned about the commercials than the battle that would have sure to had ensued if he had just sat back and let it happen.

    both men are articulate and educated. both men are far more powerful than they have any business being. and both men are ruled by the other.

    let them talk to each other on your damn radio show.

    if you must, you can ask them a few questions

    chairman powell, you say that the commision is still deciding how to rule on the oprah case. why does it take so long? if it’s blatantly illegal speech it’s identifiable instantly. isnt it?

    and if it takes more than an instant to register as obscene or indecent, maybe it isnt obscene or indecent.

    but if after 6 months youre still not sure, then why not just come out and say oprahs not guilty but howard is?

    howard, isnt it true that you owe michael powell a thank you? he is the arch enemy you never had. all your other radio competitors fell at your feet, but this guy… even in your moment of glory he still has the upper hand and he might chase you to satelite if your lucky.

    wouldnt you agree that if it were not for the witchhunt of the intentionally vague powell commision and his overwhelming fines that you wouldnt have gotten your highest ratings ever and the $100 million contract from sirius radio?

    chairman, why isnt the word nigger deemed obscene? i dont want my beautiful neice hearing that word on the radio. why should she? if youre going to protect her from pleasant or at the least far less-ugly words like tit or cocksucker, why not the most hateful word i could use?

    please explain to us how sex words are more dangerous to my niece’s pysche than undeniable hate speech.

    howard, why are you only planning on programming three of their sat stations? why not all of them? how hard could it really be?

    in yesterdays dialogue came the accusation that somehow the fcc wont go to court against stern regarding the fines. i hadnt heard about that before and i wonder if it will be examined in the next week or so.

    Stern: You know, the thing that amazes me about you is, you continually fine me but you’re afraid to go to court with me and I’ll explain myself if you give me a second:

    Fine after fine came and we tried to go to court with you to find out about obscenity and what your line was and whether our show was indecent, which I don’t think it is. And you do something really sneaky behind the scenes. You continue to block Viacom from buying new stations until we pay those fines.

    You are afraid to go court. You are afraid to get a ruling time and time again.

    When will you allow this to go to court and stop practicing your form of racketeering that you do by making stations pay up or you hold up their license renewal?

    Powell: First of all, that’s flatly false.

    Stern: It’s not false. It’s true.

    Powell: I’m afraid it is. There’s no reason why Viacom or any other company who feels that they have been wrongly fined can’t sue us in court. We have no basis whatsoever to prevent them from going to court.

    Stern: You’re lying. I’ve lived through your fines, Michael. And Mel Karmazin came to me one day and said, “Howard, we’re gonna have to pay up some sort of cockamame bunch of fines that we don’t believe we’re wrong but we can’t get our paperwork done…”

    full transcript on buzzmachine + stream of the full show + mp3 of just the stern bit + cnn’s take

  7. Tuesday, October 26, 2004

    50 bands that should 

    have been on snl instead of ashlee simpson

    1. the pixies

    2. tom waits

    3. sonic youth

    4. courtney love

    5. juliette lewis and the licks

    6. wilco

    7. green day

    8. steve earle

    9. loretta lynn

    10. dolly parton

    11. brian wilson

    12. blink 182

    13. pj harvey

    14. bjork

    15. lamb of god

    16. ozzy

    17. paul westerberg

    18. ben lee

    19. weezer

    20. nashville pussy

    21. j mascis

    22. the twilight singers

    23. gwar

    24. lil kim

    25. trick daddy

    26. roger waters

    27. tsar

    28. bruce springsteen

    29. ll cool j

    30. mos def

    31. de la soul

    32. big & rich

    33. sum 41

    34. r.e.m.

    35. al green

    36. bad religion

    37. camp freddy

    38. cassandra wilson

    39. john wesley harding

    40. lou reed

    41. lou rawls

    42. mates of state

    43. mike watt

    44. ministry

    45. napalm death

    46. ozomalti

    47. sondre lerche

    48. david byrne

    49. gwen stefani

    50. john fogerty

    albino brain chiggers + ray garraud + all about george

  8. crid doesnt like it 

    when i call the president a retard. and i still dont know why.

    sure it isnt respectful, but i think its more respectful to tell someone what you think as opposed to bsing them.

    which is one reason why i call bush a retard. hes bad at bsing people.

    and he is, you know, a retard.

    i saw footage of him debating ann richards many moons ago when he was running for governor of texas. he wasnt a retard in that debate. he was quick talking, quick thinkin, quick witted.

    i can easilly say that he won the debate.

    these last three debates against kerry he clearly lost. mostly cuz a lot of his answers were slowwitted filled with bad bs and because he acted retarded.

    crid wants to pussyfoot with this administration even though he has no problem not pussyfooting with the previous one

    the one where pretty much everything worked out.

    now just dont think that i call the president a retard. there are many. the presidents supporters who know about his retardation are, well, sorta retards when they say things like, “i feel safer with that retard even though 9/11 happened on his watch, even though nobody was fired after 9/11, and even though iraq is more fucked up now than ever before.”

    sorry pals but thats not the thinking of rational intellects.

    am i a dick for looking into the sky and saying that it looks blue?

    of course not.

    therefore i am not a dick for calling the prez and his supporters tards when there is a perfectly good alternative to vote for besides proven failure.

    some may say theres more than one alternative.

    with all of that said, let me tell you about a retard that actually was successful.

    terry bradshaw won four superbowls. got hisself four rings.

    nearly won one for the thumb in 81.

    so dont think that i hate on tards. given the right assignment they can shine.

    but dubya has proven that president of the united states isnt the right place for those with no vision, no sense of history, poor communication skills, hidden agendas, and a very bad case of retardation.

    and those who support him inspite of his affliction need to prepare for the overdue backlash to come.

    its one thing to be loyal to a party, its far different to let a drunk driver keep the keys to the winnebago.

    uncurious george + stern meets powell + town n planet

  9. a very interesting thing happened last night 

    as ashlee simpson was actually singing live in las vegas

    wil wheaton, movie star, tv star, and author, linked to the busblog, quoted me and said nice things about me.

    later he added that he knew that i had said mean things about him, but he still thought that i am a great blogger and encouraged his zillions of readers to come here and check my shit out.

    even before his addendum i had mixed feelings about his link to me and props cuz i knew i had judged him unfairly in the past.

    and i knew that i was judging him solely from the perspective of blogger jealousy.

    last week i took on the instapundit and critics accused me of being jealous of his hits. i said i wasnt jealous of glenns hits and its true, im not. glenn is a political blogger who panders to the right and they eat it up. the only thing i am jealous of glenn is the time that he has to spend on blogging.

    wil is a different story. his hits i am jealous of because hes just a blogger in la writing about la life and blogging and im just a blogger in la writing about la life and blogging.

    sure he has a head start of being in one of the most classic movies of all time, stand by me, but im idealistic to a fault in thinking that i could just out-write him and get as many hits.

    which is not the case at all. wils popularity is real and its far greater than just his childhood fame and his stint on star trek. hes a serious big time blogger with throngs of readers many of whom i realized last night are livejournal users who syndicate his blog.

    to be honest, its easy to hate on a hollywood pretty boy with hundreds of lj readers. it’s easy to say things like, “(i dont like) wil wheaton cuz he cant whrite.”

    but it takes class to say, yeah tony has said mean things, but go read him anyway.

    and because of that, not because of the link, but because of the class and the respect, i hereby bury the hatch between the busblog and wwdn.

    there were dozens of bloggers who wrote about ashlee simpson the other day that he could have linked, there were many ways that he could have handled my jealousy, but what he did was take the high road and was a gentleman.

    even though he doesnt need it, tonight wil will find himself on the busblog blogroll.

    wil wheaton + newyorkology + that ashley girl