1. Wednesday, October 20, 2004

    two nice girls invited john woo and i 

    over to their house after work to watch

    this fucking redsox yankee series

    simply the greatest rivalry in all of sport.

    so i accepted on his behalf and we met them there

    and it was raining so they left the bathroom window open

    so we could hear the rain

    and one of the girls had put a candle in the bathroom

    and lit it

    and in the dark there with the rain

    it was nice

    and something youd never see

    at mans house

    so even nicer.

    94. spot 79

    thier plush carpet was clean

    and i wondered how i could roll on it later

    but never did because that game was so good

    best rivalry ever

    and the yankees are just too deep.

    the other day fuckin jeter hit a bases clearing triple,

    (double, advancing to third on the throw home)

    and pedro was all fuckit and hit a-rod in the elbow

    only place you can really hurt a-rod

    and most guys will squint and jog over to first like all whatever

    but a-rod barely made it put his hands on his knees and then straightened up,

    arched his back, and grimaced like he could feel the bone splintering

    with each little movement.

    the trainer came over and sprayed on that cold topical cocaine deal

    and the first base coach said youre in fenway park

    and not only did you get hit but you got hit by pedro

    but now pedro had to face sheffield and matsui,

    wasnt jeter and a-rod enough?

    but he did, and tonights game was spectacular

    even with a-rod trying to cheat.

    pretty boys played maybe two thousand games in his life.

    has he ever known it not to be cheating

    to slap a ball out of a glove.

    this is a civilized sport.

    you can bowl over the catcher, but certainly no slapping!

    and my only fear for karisa, one of my best friends of all time,

    is the red sox dont fare well in seventh games,

    sadly, horrificly


    but the yankees must be defeated,

    and the red sox must be the ones who do it.

    and no matter what happens next week or the week after,

    tonight will be the most important game of the season

    i hope you get to share it with nice girls

    like me and john woo got to do tonight.

    danielle + annika + the fat guy