dear fellow Christian americans,

gays are already married.

where it matters.

“let no man break apart what the Lord has joined.”

to me that means no man. not even you.

but its cool, i know you didnt show up in droves to win the election for bush.

mostly cuz youre not that big of a number: actual bible-thumping american Christians who think moralities should be legistlated by government.

and even if you were a sizable number, how many of you truly support a leader who invades another country because they seemed dangerous.

all that fighting and mayhem and blood and guts, but exactly how many pre-emptive strikes do you remember in the bible?

how many times did you see God or His chosen ones attack another nation so that they wouldnt attack them first?

i remember one.

the flood.

and afterwards the Lord felt so bad about it he created the rainbow to remind mankind that he would never do anything like that again.

Christians don’t believe in pre-emptive strikes.

And Christians, real Christians when they’re afraid trust in the Lord – not guns, not armies.

In Rumsfeld we trust?

I don’t think so.

There were two biblical ways to handle 9/11: the old school old testament way of “an eye for an eye” which would mean that since Osama and the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, that we would strike back at… well, Saudi Arabia.

or the new school, Christian teaching of “turn the other cheek.”

bombing, invading, and occupying iraq doesn’t fit in with either of those teachings.

Christians voting from a biblical Christian place in their hearts would actually vote *against* president Bush.

those weren’t Christians who voted for the president the other night.

those were people who don’t believe in a higher, spiritual being rooted in love respecting our neighbors, and forgiveness

those Bush voters are people who believe in isolationism, an agressive military, and holding on to the treasures of earth – not the promise of a heavenly reward.

even though i disagree with them doesn’t mean that i don’t love them or respect them

but i wouldn’t deem them as Christian just cuz they don’t live in big cities.

in fact the people who live in the cities and states that were the targets of the 9/11 terrorism (new york, penn., and d.c.) actually voted against Bush. many of the victims of the airplanes that crashed were from mass. and california, those two states voted against Bush too.

are we to speculate that those states believe that their safety is better in the hands of someone other than bush?

i think so.

and to be honest, i dont think spirituality has anything to do with it.

i think most of the united states who didnt vote to re-elect the president would be very interested to find out why people voted the way that they did, but to assume that it was the Christian vote just doesnt match up with Christian teaching or even common sense.

but i forgive them.

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america voted,

and america got what it wanted.

my country said last night that deficit spending, fighting wars with countries who had no wmds, deceptions, lies, ignorance, and tax cuts for the rich was what it wanted.

my country said that theyd rather vote for the awoler than the triple purple hearter to defend the nation.

my country said that our gay brothers and sisters shouldnt have the right to marry.

my country said that they wanted new senators. three in particular won. one who thinks that unwed mothers and gays shouldnt be school teachers, one who thinks that doctors who perform legal abortions should get the death penalty, and one who thinks that there should be a consititutional amendment to protect prayer in schools.

my country thinks that it’s right to go it alone and be the world police even if we’re wrong about who we attack and even if it means that our children will have to pay for it with their lives and their finances.

my country thinks that the loser of all three presidential debates should get four more years.

my country thinks that its totally cool that Bush appointed the #1 timber lobbyist to be the head of the Forest Service, a mining industry lobbyist who thinks public lands are unconstitutional to be head of public lands, as well as several other anti-environmentalist to make it easy for corporations to pollute the air and water and rape our natural resources.

makes me wonder if my country actually thinks.

but it is my country, the land that i love. through thick and thin, through better and worse.

moving away is never an option. plus my people have been here for 400 years. we aint going nowhere.

and this isnt about democrat or republican. this is about freedoms versus fears. this is about failure versus hope.

my country picked a failure who ran on one platform: vote republican or die.

cuz thats all he had.

thats all he was made of.

and last night i got to see what my country is made of.

so today i hope my country realizes that it just got what it asked for.

be careful what you ask for.

for these people will continue to hide valueable information from us

they will continue to give tax cuts during times of war to the rich, as irresponsible as that is. as foolish. as pandering.

you encouraged BushCo to keep on keeping on, america.

well, at least 51% of you did.

so give yourselves a round of applause.

on the brighter side, i have a good feeling that rock n roll will be back

with a vengence.

punk too.

and liberalism, which i dont subscribe to, will be bigger and louder and more organized than ever before.

homer simpson voted for who his buddies told him to vote for.

anna kournikova now has her enrique.

and all of those who said that nothing could be worse than these last four years

aint seen nothing yet.

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karisa called late last night,

drunk, somber


what do we burn down first, she asked.


clipper girls cousin was over trying to get me to inhale some medical marijuana but i didnt want any. i wanted everything to sink in real good.

first thing i thought was where do i go.

do i move to canada and make babies with raymi.

do i move to new york and get the clinton/barack ticket going.

do i get a job with media matters who have just been handed four years of shooting fish in a barrel.

do i apply at the ny times.

i told karisa we cant burn down ohio. ohio has republican senators, a republican governor, they voted to ban gay marriage. ohio isnt interested in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

like pretty much the rest of the country, ohio is interested in the land of the fear and the home of the lame.

like marilyn manson said, i dont have enough middle fingers.

my gmail was nearly full today.

“but the redskins lost at home.”

“but bush is a retard.”

“but everything sucks.”

“but gasoline is $2.50 a gallon.”

people, if theres one thing i have said over and over on this blog

it’s life isnt fair.

it’s not fair that britney spears can marry and divorce in vegas in 48 hours and then marry kevin fuckerhead a few months later

while gay and lesbian couples who have been together for decades cant have that same freedom.

it’s not fair that the president can redact 28 pages of the 9/11 report that explains Saudi Arabias part in terrorism.

it’s not fair that bush “won” in 2000.

nothings fair and nothing will ever be fair.

and america, it isnt fair that we’re living in the richest, top 10 freest, most influencial superpower of all time.

howard stern has been on the air for an hour and hes even frustrated

“it’s time to go back to the penis jokes.”

but before we do, lets give ken layne props for what he busted with the other night on the eve of the election, which was brilliant,

After all the 9/11 horror and bullshit, the crass exploitation of 2,755 killed in those attacks, $4 billion in ’04 campaign spending, 1,100 American troops killed in Iraq, 800 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan, the biggest deficit in American history, an orgy of new laws and federal bureaucracies that will be with us for many years to come, cynical & doomed campaigns to amend the Constitution, less jobs, more expensive health insurance, low mortgage rates, swift boats, tax cuts, Orange Alerts, Howard Dean, Anthrax, Michael Moore, Air America, Fox News, fonts, blogs, Saddam captured and Osama on the loose, everything is basically the same as it was on Sept. 10, 2001.

Nobody today is more Sept. 10 than George W. Bush. Just like on that boring day three years ago, Bush is disliked by half the country, while a vocal minority sees him as a stupid yet dangerous fraud who must be deposed. The only thing that’s changed is the intensity of feeling. Same on the other side, with half the country saying, “Yeah, he’s okay” and a vocal minority of Bush followers who hate and fear non-Republicans — and Republicans who question Bush — carrying on just as they did on Sept. 10, 2001.

the title of laynes post is “all for nothing” and thats exactly how i feel.

who would have thought that moore and the job loss and the debates and the deficit and all those dead and maimed in iraq and 9/11 and osama still putting out tapes and the lack of wmd and bush just being bush wouldnt change one state’s mind?

theres not enough fire karisa to make this go away.

we need to realize that we live in a country that believes that gays shouldnt be allowed to get married

and george bush can protect us.

and tonight they will spend $50 to fill up their Explorer

they will turn on everyone loves raymond

and they wont even see the impeachment coming.

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