the week in rock in la

tonight 11/12

guided by voices + brian jonestown massacre, henry ford

morrissey, universal

hr, malibu inn

insane clown posse + mack 10, ventura theatre

gov’t mule, wilshire

morris day & the time, vault 350

tomorrow 11/13

mere mortals, spaceland

cypress hill + tribe called quest, angel stadium parking lot

barry manilow, the pond

vince neil, key club

mountain + vanilla fudge + canned heat, house of blues

adolescents, alex’s bar

marshall tucker nad, vault 350

sunday 11/14

THE DONNAS + von bondies, house of blues

buzzcocks + pennywise + distillers, angel stadium parking lot

the faint + tv on the radio, mayan

monday 11/15

air + eagles of death metal + tv on the radio, avalon

stan ridgeway, hotel cafe

ufo, house of blues

tuesday 11/16

le tigre, el rey

skye sweetnam, house of blues

vanessa carlton, roxy

minnie driver + peter himmelman, troubador

wednesday 11/17

le tigre, el rey

korn, universal

girlschool, knitting factory

switchfoot, wiltern

thursday 11/18

wilco, wiltern

boys II men, house of blues

bad religion, ventura theatre

cake + the walkmen, universal

apologies accepted + zen for lunch + gus mueller

around the horn:

one of the best flash dealies you’ll ever see – the election nonsense + the sex pistols “liar” from Town & Planet. makes me wanna learn flash.

remember the dude who turned my “how to vote” into a short film? well he’s made a new lil film called “asstoids“. he warns that there are gay men kissing. do people ever warn when there are gay women kissing?

virginia turns us on to barack obama’s campaign song. so thats why he won by a landslide.

as you know i have two advertisers. one is that credit report text ad, the other is the sbc blog reader Project DU, which you should download and try out if you havent yet, well today they are featured in the wall street journal, which is free today.

flagrant continues to be happy, which makes me happy.

isou always has better lists than me

i dont link low culture enough

leah tried wild mushrooms. she has always been one of my all time favorite bloggers.

bunny mcintosh has some pretty hot zeroes and ones.

wanna get tunes off of your ipod and onto your computer? iLinkPod is your answer, and its free. h/t mc brown

amy has a nice list of links

aaron, congrats on your boy johan getting the cy young. i hope lots of people are still buying your book.

ashley has her holiday wish lists ready

doc searls catches U2 in one of those exaggerations

instapundit began blogging today at 8:07am, by 8:09am he had already continued his obsession regarding rathergate.

from the upcoming blook How To Blog

the stars were out last night. did you see them? speeding through the heavens, spinning at dizzying rates. not saying a thing but sending us a message at one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second. here i am. here i am. here i am. the opposite of an s-o-s. or is it?

they say the brightest stars shine strongest right before they die. same goes for flowers. same goes for lies.

what do you do when you get everything you want she asked me like i was qualified. what do i have? and she said me. twirling with velvet revolutions like a deadhead during space arms out with perfect body language blonde hair twinkling with the glitter of spilt moondust.

went to the grove to see adam sandlers punch drunk love but it was sold out so we saw igby goes down and were amazed.

best movie ive seen in a really long time she told me as we flew away to a better place, and i agreed.

jeff goldblum stole the show and i love it when people steal the show. claire danes looks like shes been fighting a hundred years war and i couldn’t believe how well ryan phillipe has so many different ways to play an asshole.

black comedy they call a movie like that and its one of the only times where it’s a positive thing to have black as an adjective i told her.

she said what about my black ferrari?

i said what about my free ferrari?

she said what about my first ferrari?

i said what about my spare ferrari?

we didn’t fly to my bungalow or the beach house we just kept going higher and higher until we reached the place where prayers are sorted into the thanks and the wants.

thank you for this incredible girl.

thank you for this amazing life.

please let me pass chemistry.

if you get me out of this shit i promise i’ll never do it again.

and the prayers kept coming in and the demons had to sort them and they wanted to send them to the wrong place but they couldn’t and that pissed them off more and they suffered and we watched and there was popcorn and there was another culkin tearing up the screen.

what do you do when your dreams come true whispered a cherub on a smoke break exhaling a long stream of pleasant dreams.

savor it replied the blue sky.

remember it said the dead.

hanging upside down from heaven blowing bubbles that end up as dew

what do you say when they question your sincerity

tell em nothing in here is true.

heroine girl + the ranting human + laurita