seventy three year old dan rather will be stepping down

as anchor of the CBS News come march and you’d think the instapundit would be happy, but he snot.

he wants blood.

he wants tears.

he wants heads.

and, laughably, he wants to see an internal investigation and more apologies.

laughably because he never asked for an apology or an internal investigation on the white house regarding 9/11 or lack of wmd.

whats sad about this sort of behavoir is it painfully echoes the witchhunt surrounding Clinton who successfully shrugged off investigation after investigation and congress had the nerve to impeach him during the last year of his term even though they knew that he had done nothing impeachable.

but like now, the conservatives arent happy enough when their opponents (or in this case, a journalist who dared report on a document that made the president look back) are on their way out.

they want more.

they want the death penalty.

it’s always curious when you notice the crusades that people take.

the instapundit has been on RatherGate since before the controversial 60 Minutes II peice even aired. he, and the other right wing bloggers were aware that the President’s military record was going to be (finally) scrutinized, and they were all waiting on their hands to destroy whatever was out there.

fortunately for them, the docs were fake.

they ignored the fact that the military secretary on 60 Minutes who said that they were fake also said that the contents were accurate, but, you know, whatever.

but yes, it is fascinating that the Right have chosen to raise their flaming stakes around dan rather and 60 minutes for their innaccuracies

but they completely forgive the innaccuracies and false documents that led us to war.

why do you think that is?

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