1. Wednesday, November 24, 2004

    today i got a copy of my new book. 

    i cant believe it either.

    they let us home early today from work. i ran right to my mail slot and there wasnt a slip in there. so i called cafe press customer service. she said that they had until 8pm to send it.

    so i checked at 6:30p, it wasnt there.

    at 7:45p i couldnt wait any longer. i went to my box and no slip. so i asked the dude. he looked in the back and said there wasnt anything there.

    i looked at a stack of packages right by his desk, one of them had cafepress.com printed on its side.

    i never do this. im usually quite shy. but i said, i think that box right there might be it.

    and almost like he knew, he checked the box on top – not the one i was pointing at – then he checked the next box – also not the one i was pointing at – i wondered if my pointy finger was defective.

    and then he went to the third box and there was my name. and i ran to my room and opened it up and there it was

    glossy cover. color. bright.

    i flipped it open and there it was, a real book in my hands. something that i made.

    i looked at the page numbers and there they were. i looked at the table of contents and everything was right.

    i flipped to the back and the back cover and the spine, everything was right.

    i know im dreaming.

    but then i saw that i had gotten a parking ticket on my true loves car. apparently there was street cleaning. and i said, devil, you cant bring me down today.

    infact i have lots to be thankful for.

    most of all, that today i can finally say

    my new book is out.

    and if you get it, tell me and i will be happy to link to your blog.

    or to your favorite blog.

    and if im ever in your town i will sign it.

    cuz right now id say its the best thing ive ever done.

    so id be happy to sign it

    your pal,