first they come for the liars

then they come for the haters, then they come for the theives.

fuck the fakers the toothless giants grunted as they bashed rocks and nibbled on the pebbles,

flossing their teeth with trombones.

finally we had time to watch the apprentice on tivo and i was telling them that theres no way trump should have kicked out the asian chick for lifting her skirt for twenty bucks.

but whoever wins will be running one of his companies a wood nymph whispered to her butterflies who spelled it out against a waterfall backdrop.

a buffalo was the first to call bullshit but im a loudmouth and i said

donald trump dares to judge how people conduct business?

donald trump who’s most famous television show, before this game show, was a beauty contest where during one segment the women infact lifted their skirts.


the hawaiian punch volcano belched and then errupted and of course i was wearing all white including my new suede fedora. but it’s all right.

and then it stopped.

and then we went back to playing cards

with the cigar smoking pitbulls.

and the moose noticed the sissyphus, and asked dont you have anything to say to us?

he said happy hanukkah

happy hanukkah?

happy hanukkah.

and we danced.

a pdf of yesterday’s daily nexus photo issue + jarvis continues to expose the fcc + i made blogger news!