1. Friday, December 17, 2004

    hopefully by now you know 

    that im the biggest nerd, cuz i am.

    i also have the greatest friends. and one of them works for the cable network E!

    she gave me a celebrities uncensored tshirt a few years ago and lets me know every year that brooke burke is signing her calendar.

    this year was no different, except i got to meet the producer of one of my favorite tv shows of all time, the howard stern show.

    after a quickie busride i got to meet mr stuart berkowitz who edits all of the stern shows that you see on e!

    i wanted to take him out for drinks but he had plans. oh well, it was nice to at least take a picture with him and then stand in line and get the new brooke burke calendar and take my annual picture with her.

    its funny cuz i never know what to ask people to sign, and now with ebay its weird just to ask them to autograph it, but thats really all i want. i dont need them to write anything special.

    i guess if i was really keeping it real i would have had her write something like

    to the biggest nerd i know


    i have two kids and i look better than you ever will


    please stop stalking me, seriously, youre scary

    instead she just wrote

    to tony,

    i will forget about you before this ink dries,


    shes so cool.

    know who else is cool? raymi.

    and finally shes being exploited properly.

    i went to her page today and saw she was linked to a new thing. i think its canadian. shes giving out free advice.

    god i love socialism.

    bill gates got us giant anti-spyware for christmas + zulieka didnt blow me + write hard has vida

    happy birthday nomatt!