its almost three am

im nowhere near falling asleep which is too bad because i have a lot to do tomorrow before the limo shows up to roll me to my doom.

miss montreal has been loaning me her car and tomorrow i promised to have it washed.

i also have to get a statement from the 92 year old woman saying that she rented me my apartment And the parking space. it looks like my landlord wants to take me to court over the matter. fun! im going to transcribe what she says and type it up and film her as i read it to her.

shes awesome but her fingers are so riddled with arthritius it’ll be interesting to see how she signs the thing. but that too will be on video.

and then i have some books to mail out. one gentleman sent along a real arrowhead with his check. thanks buddy!

there are so many things that i want to talk about on tv and one of them im afraid will be overlooked so i will write about it now.

many people claim that i am prolific. or they ask how i have so much time to write.

truth is i have very little time to write during the day, but there is a magical thing here in the United States called… well, i dont know what its called but by law your employer has to give you two (2) 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch if you work eight hours.

a lot of us are stuck in front of computers all day. my suggestion is use those two 15-minute breaks to write something quick on your blog.

believe it or not but 15 minutes is plenty of time to write 6-7 paragraphs if you have your idea marinating as you prepare for your break.

and not only that, but ive noticed that when youre focused and you have a finite ending time, odds are you will actually get your post written. whereas many times if you have no end time your attention drifts off into just clicking around the web.

use your breaks, and when you do, why not put on a break hat? that way your boss knows that youre not to be disturbed cuz even though it might look like youre working, youre actually on your break blogging.

you say you dont have an official break hat?

todays your lucky day.

the newest addition to the busblog merch shop is the official break hat, just in time for Christmas.

and in keeping with the season, all profits of the official break hat will go to charity. (about $5 a hat.)

so right away your new hat will be performing miracles.

and with that good deed, now it’s time to hit the hay.

the official busblog break hat