1. Friday, December 31, 2004

    some january ’04 

    busblog highlights

    12/31/03 happy nude year

    1/1/04 American Splendor review

    1/3 madpony meets gorilla mask

    1/4 end of the year questionaire

    1/5 she was sexy, far too sexy for me

    1/6 defending pete rose

    1/9 fuck jimmy fallon. fuck friends. fuck rush limbaugh. fuck the view. fuck the president.

    1/11 ashley turns 22

    1/12 howard stern turns 50

    1/15 don and jen get pregnant

    1/16 this is called how long can you write till the cheerleader arrives

    1/17 vital info about yours dumbly

    1/18 review of the L-Word – …did these lesbians get a hold of that type of weed that just knocks your ass out? they act as if theyre all getting root canals in the morning. they act as if they ran a marathon yesterday and they’re still recovering.

    1/20 cam sex with a cam girl

    1/21 do you know i love you

    1/22 hi innernet

    hi tony.

    whatcha doin?


    1/24 ray rayner, r.i.p.

    1/27 – the village voice raves about the new tsar single

    1/27 dear best western,

    1/28 interview with a hospitalized xbi girl

    1/29 blind man on the bus

    1/30 karisa and i toast the best new radio station in LA

    1/31 sometimes bloggers do get laid

    spitcircle + saidy + utter wonder + wunderdog