we could hear the kids as we walked up the long griffith park driveway.

and by kids i dont mean drank beer with the kids last night

i mean, actual children.

midget-like creatures.

then we ran into friends who had babies inside of them (pictured)and i swear i wasnt trying to set that picture up,

in fact i recognized laura and bonnie from behind and i was all, oh great lets get a picture of laura and bonnie, and then they turned around and i was all, oh yah, i forgot. duh.

lots of my friends were there. lots of singing and drinking and eating and yapping.

someone had brought a bottle of russian vodka that looked nice and old timey. i put my bottle of rum down and made greyhounds all night.

i ate kentucky ham sandwiches and i put little squares of cheese in there and hot mustard

and someone came around with sugar coated nuts.


i got to talk to some people i hadnt seen in quite a while, i met some nice new people, and i got to hang with my friends who i have known for so long and yet we hardly get together much any more.

around midnight our hosts, kim, my laywer, and os, the host of this blog, stood up in the middle of the room, and announced that they were announcing a date.

everyone gasped.

everyone was so excited.

and then os said, yes, on june second we will be expecting the birth of our baby.


then the guitars came out and everyone started singing some more.

solomon was so happy he sang “autumn” even though it aint autumn out there.

greg and molli drove me home and molli told me a little story about their two year old who said the sweetest thing that morn

and molli misted up a tad.

very sweet.

i have the best friends.

drunken pictures + vaine + nothing special + os and kim