1. Wednesday, December 8, 2004

    a year ago 


    in all the world in the tallest of grasses near the bubbling brooks atop the neighingest asses floats a butterfly of majesty a notebook full of dashed dreams a pocketful of shaving cream a mousekateer of slutty fear

    her name was dopey seventeen prom queen of the unseen. typist with the jelly beans, icycle licker at walgreens. never said a bad word, never touched a dead bird, always said the right things strung out on my collard greens.

    touch me if you want

    touch me if you want

    she loved to say the darndest things

    touch me



    now here.

    we’d walk down the street and it felt like spain it felt like led zeppelin street it felt like baja. she held my entire arm in hers she couldnt get enough she couldnt smile more she couldnt but she would if she couldnt but she could: wait.

    never saw when harry met sally and he loved her for that what about joe versus the volcano and she said no what about sleepless in seatle and she gave him a look like come on think alternative nation think exclusively babish feel her docs under the table think slightly unstable.

    come over here closer

    she sign languaged so subtlely

    george forman grill clicked off

    hot tub started bubbling

    she said i feel like im chasing you all over

    she said i feel like im another bladeless lawn mower

    and certain falls the cocky rocky

    lost but sure his way is right

    turns his back upon the present

    and sleeps alone and cold at night

    but he did have a magnificent

    and throbbing

    mighty sword

    the kind they talked about

    round the world

    an envy to some

    a miracle to others

    a dream for daughters

    a sin for their mothers

    but then there was sonny

    fake name was tony

    teef full of gold

    hollow leg stuffed with money

    whattya writing about. love. what about. about a woman who has to pick between a man with a huge magical perfect dick and a man who doesnt have one. what does the other one have. a baldspot, and hes a good writer. anything else. no. hmmm well hmmmm does the other guy have enough money to get a vibrator. yeah. well then whoevers nicer

    she had small teeth and made brocolli beef. candles everywhere even in her hair. she knew something right she was super high. he knew everything but he was about to fry.

    sometimes theres a sound out there something not so kosher there sometimes theres a sometimes something sometimes times some sum times tie me’s.

    and summer brings a false september through the waving grains of gold

    and mothers call their daughters home but

    somewhere theres one

    not alone.

    bunnie + zulieka + ajax