bookshelf meme

from annika

“Copy the list from the last person in the chain, delete the names of the authors you don’t have on your home library shelves and replace them with names of authors you do have. Bold the replacements.”

1. Charles Bukowski

2. Jeff Noon

3. Kurt Vonnegut

4. J.R.R. Tolkien

5. Mark Twain

6. Bob Dylan

7. Stephen King

8. Doc Searls

9. William Shakespeare

10. Jon Stewart and the writers of the Daily Show

the nfl is racist

they should just admit it.

all these bans on “endzone celebrations” is an attack on the african american experience. straight up. emphasis on the african.

go to africa. people dance. people dance for all reasons. people dance at funerals, weddings, births, rain,

and sometimes they dance after they catch a long pass and score on the frozen tundra at their arch enemy’s field.

randy moss caught a long pass and ran over to the goal post, pretended to moon the fans in the endzone and then did a little dance.

the white commisioner of the nfl, a man who probably dances like your grandpappy has continually tried to take the african part out of the african american celebration that gives the nfl the soul that is warmly embraced by the paying customers.

even the nfl liscensed video games recreate the celebrations, high steps, fun bunch high fives, and deon sanders and icky shuffles.

but if a brotha does it in real life he’s called disgusting by one white announcer, cheered by the other, and fined by the commish for $10,000.

for a fake mooning?

how much for a real mooning then?

and when will we have an african american commish in sports? one who once played and faught and understood the struggle and understand the culture?

its one thing to hire so many Blacks, but whats up with trying to strip them of their blackness, their soul, their joy?

randy moss caught that pass on a bum leg, on the road, against a better team and wanted to rub it in the faces of the fans who booed him and taunted him. he didnt go into the stands, he didnt date their daughters, he didnt take money out of their pockets

all he did was break their hearts and imitate bart simpson

so why you gotta hate the brotha?

as the kids say and i will tweak

dont hate the player

hate the lame.

wanna help me get in grad school?

in 24 hours my grad school application is due.

im trying to get into one of the best poetry programs in the world.

problem is i dont know what poems to submit

if youre bored and wanna go through some of my poems i have one collection here

and one here

if you see something you really like, put its title in the comments for me and i will consider it.


yes, i know the instapundit isnt a news source,

hes a propaganda source. but i dont want him to be a propaganda source. i want him to be good blogger and a source of right wing spin.

but he refuses to be anything more than a propaganda source and i really dont see why he does things like ignore the fact that yesterday the White House announced that its two year hunt for weapons of mass destruction is officially over and they found no wmd, the main reason it went to war with Iraq.

biggest story of the day yesterday and yet he walked around the campus of UT taking pictures of the co-eds. Like he does any time he wants to bury his head in the sand.

am i disappointed in the instapundit? a tad. but i think thats a sort of condescending. a few times a commentor has said to me that he was disappointed in something i had written and i was all, sod off, im pushing the boundaries here pallie, im gonna lose some of you every once in a while.

but a political blogger not writing about the White House’s biggest goof in decades? maybe ever?

that would be like a London newspaper not talking about the prince wearing a nazi costume to a party.

that would be like an LA sports blogger not writing about the fact that the Dodgers are throwing their team away.

that would be like the busblog writing in all caps.

im sorry but if youre a political blogger hell bent on saying Ah-Ha every chance you can to CBS and 60 Minutes because they goofed, you sorta look like an asswipe if you dont say Oh Shit when your party steamrolls everyone and goes to fucking war over something that turns out to not be true.

no matter how many times you huff and puff over Rathergate, that unfortunate tv broadcast was nothing compared to WMDgate.

did drudge link to it? of course. did little green footballs talk about it? of course. did metafilter point and say haw-haw, as a matter of fact yes they did.

and sure the right will say, oh but Clinton said they had weapons, and this dem said they had em, and that dem said they had em, and the world thought they had em… but none of those people had proof which is why none of those people spent billions and tens of thousands of human lives to go in there.

yes, iraqi lives count too.

just as much as the lives of coeds in knoxville.

yes the instapundit can write about whatever he wants. of course he can. but when you continually close your eyes, cover your ears and say lalalalalalaRatherGate you look like a fucking tool.

and you know what, even though i dont agree with everything that he writes or links to or doesnt link to, i dont want the instapundit to look like a fucking tool. the dude is one of the blog gods and it’s sad to see him act like a guy on the take.


instapundit + weapons of mass destruction dot blogspot + chelle

the best virgin marys

The Italians painted the best

virgin marys

next to the Dutch

and she looks like the dark haired

olive tint

not the complete Mary but her complement

her knitting friend who Mary

whispers to

“Joseph last night was so cute”

Mary tells her as the donkey drinks from the river

“he leaned over to kiss me

but he stopped himself

I told him we’ve been married ten


out son is the messiah

you have nothing to fear silly man.”

I teller she looks like Mary’s best friend and she

smiles trying to sleep with her hands in praying formation

under her head

gold inexpensive earrings still on

eyes closed teeth shimmering

as christmas lights sparkle in my bedroom.

are you marys friend i ask

did you come down here to keep an eye on

me and warn not just my heart but

it feels like this whole house is alive

my fruit punch soda tastes bubblier

my burrito tastes guacamolier

my old face seems happier

did you come down here to do all

that for me

shes sleep

I wisper is mary your best friend and you seller


and she sells you avon but you dont

wear it cuz you just dont

but you love each other

and now you love me

yes yes she says now hush she smiles opening one eye

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