1. Wednesday, January 12, 2005

    how bout a poem? 

    run for the border“no one home but the stove and thats fixin to go out”

    so who is this fair skinned boy with jacket so mellow

    eyes lashed with dew drops and memories of finer times

    he drinks so much pop hes gotta pee a lot

    always a half burrito in the fridge and some new scratch hes

    gotta itch

    and i want you

    my numbers in the book says she and smiles back so effortless

    he looks like shit always has its almost a game now

    he wants to be as fat as a cow

    he wants to sleep all tangled with you

    and he wonders where you are and what you do and what you


    write him he lives in san francisco

    hed rather read what you write

    hed read your shit all night

    its tough going through your second teenagehood

    staying up all night getting in dumb fights

    he said im gonna say this once and forever hold my peace

    if you ask pretty please i’ll give you a peice

    and love and lust are sitting dangling their feets


    kissin cousins thrice removed and im gonna remove so much

    youre gonna stare at the strokes and not see

    theres no one here but me

    and whats inside of me

    burrito and love and pop and pee

    annika + + whitey