1. Monday, January 31, 2005

    coachella 05 

    saturday april 30

    weezer, coldplay, bauhaus, cocteau twins, chemical brothers, wilco, keane, snow patrol, rilo kiley, doves, sage francis, raveonettes, bloc party, fantomas, secret machines, spoon, buck 65, and others

    sunday may 1

    nine inch nails, new order, bright eyes, gang of four, prodigy, black star, the faint, roni size, the arcade fire, dj krush, dresden dolls, the fiery furnaces, tegan and sara, stereophonics, futureheads, sloan, and others.

    tickets are $80 for a single day ticket or $150 for a 2 day pass

    full coachella lineup + danielle + leah has a new layout