dear anonymous commentors,

blow me.

better yet dont blow me because i know whats been in your mouth.

and worse i know what comes out of it.

and what drips down your chin

and what ends up in the comment box of the worlds greatest blog.

you lie that you havent been here in six months and i wonder where you get your fables from.

youve been here every day and you’ll be back tomorrow. like a boomerang, like a rerun, like crabs.

like dubya.

you criticize my blog but you dont link to yours. you say i cant write yet you misspell cock when you textmessage your man.

the only purpose you serve is for others to pass you in the street and say, at least im not that thing.

rays of sunshine draw straws to find out who wont have to shine on you

you reek cuz even your shit cant wait to leave.

sometimes i wonder why you anonymousers dont leave your email addresses. you’ll wuss out and claim you dont want spam when the truth is not even hotmail wants you.

because, yes, even microsoft isnt interested in everyone.

you say youre not coming back here and im relieved. my real readers whisper secret prayers of thanks. and the right wing blogs’ numbers go up one more tick.

not everything i do is funny. not everything i do is in great taste. not everything i write is going to be something you print out and hang on your fridge, or steal, but everything ive ever done is better than the smegma from the fingertips of the coward so pathetic that they cant find the nads to put their real selves next to their bullshit.

this page is tony pierce dot com

your comment is shitty bull blah blah

and when you die you’ll remain preserved because even maggots draw the line somewhere.

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