our pal bonnie is about to burst

they swear she has just one baby in there but some are speculating that she has much more like:

the upcoming sopranos scripts
the holy grail
the missing wmd

all my lost blogger posts.

everyone loves bonnie, and everyone loves charlie too, but people love bonnie more.

theyre both ridiculously smart people with nothing better to do than smile a bunch, drink, and show the world how it’s done.

bonnie is so big just to demonstrate how big a lil girl can get before she gives the world a kool kid.

say yr prayers america cuz everyone says that today is probably the day that we all get a 2005 Hornberger.

which is why it hasnt rained here in days.

me, i hope they name the little dickens Tybie.

or Malkovich

or Sly

or Nexie.

funny that none of our friends have named their kids Barbara.

shiras pics of bonnie + charlie and bonnie’s buzznet snaps + dearly beloved

fucked up

again. but its cool. i think. i said baby i realize you havent gotten to kiss anyone for twenty three years other than your first boyfriend and me and therefore if you ever find yourself at a party or a masquerade ball or a pie eating contest and some dude wants to kiss you and you wanna kiss him back, don’t let me get in your way, kiss him. enjoy it. dont think about it, do it. and she was all whaat?

and i said just cuz youre my girlfriend dont think that you should be limited in any way, it should be a good thing not a bad thing on any level. a black man understands the importance of feedom so why would he bind someone he cares about in any way. and again she was like what on earth are you talking about you insane creature.

then she was all are you saying that you want to kiss other girls? and i was all no no no and its true i wasnt. i was just saying hey if the cork is off the bottle let the wine spill where it will. but that didnt sound really all that perfect either and she looked at me funny and it wasnt really a fight but it was the first time that she seriously doubted my ability to think like a proper human.

humans of course being the ones who enjoy limits and boundaries and excess of fun. excess of calories, fine. excess of gas guzzling things, a-ok. excess of debit, no prob. but happiness, joy, laughter? you crazy. so we went to the beverly center and stood in line at the coffee bean and perhaps i should just make the point that, well, perhaps these are several points, the beverly center has hot chicks everywhere and the coffee bean attracts those hot chicks and because its the beverly center people dress pretty damn good and im a visual animal so i looked at my girl and poked at her and got a little too close to her so as to disrupt her anxiety about pda etc and soon i only saw the only girl that mattered which wasnt hard cuz shes hot and looked cute in her low top chucks.

shes so little you can put her in your pocket but that doesnt mean that she likes being picked up. we went to the pet store which is right there at the main entrance of the beverly center and right in the front are the puppies and who doesnt like puppies so we looked at the damn puppies and some puppies were sleepin and some were trying to hump each other and some were digging at imaginary bones and some were just staring out with wet hair from where one puppy peed on his head when he wasnt lookin.

as we left we saw a nice young mexican couple exiting the store and taking their little white poofball of a puppy out of its box.

and yes i was a little buzzed from a quick swig this brotha passed me outside the ladies room, but it struck me odd that someone put a puppy inside a box in order to make the transaction official.

when we made it to chipotle the man said hello how may i help you and i said first i want to say that we’re very happy to be at chipotle today. and later she said your honesty is freaking out the help. then we drove home and watched american idol and i dont know whats wrong with simon because both those rocker dudes sucked.

raymi + meets a fan + chokey chicken

a year ago today

march 1, 2004

talk to me. tell me your name. i just watched american idol. i wish i was a neilson family. i watched the first two american idol episodes and none after that and today they had the “untalented” show and it was awesome.

i saw my man william hung today and i was cheering along. if he sang at the end of every show id watch it every week.

people seriously need to hire me to tell them these things.

now im watching forever eden which sorta looks like paradise hotel which i loved. we really should thank the japanese for giving us these bizzare reality shows.

thank you japanese people.

ive noticed that im nicer after watching that jesus movie.

i talked on the phone to the 90 year old lady upstairs.

i did pass a legless man in a wheelchair who had fallen asleep in the rain in his chair out on the sidewalk.

didnt really know how to feel about that.

it was in front of a huge church that people dont think is a church but i dont think they pay taxes, so i’ll call them a church. and they have people walking around that church all the time. churchmembers. but it is a pretty busy sidewalk but surely theyd roll the man inside.

it was odd.

theres hospitals all around that church but still.

hollywood has its darkside my friends.

its not all bikini girls palmtrees and coke parties.

sometimes it rains

and youre legless

and youve fallen asleep.

it was dark out there. it coulda been anything. man. woman. other.

im not proud. and that jesus movie did make me feel bad at least, i guess thats a step in the right direction.

i suppose one day i will stop and help

i think it was a guy.

had a nice black cowboy hat on.

no feet.

little stumps sticking out of the pant legs at the knee.

so dark i nearly bumped into it because i thought it was an abandonded cart of some sort.

but it was a wheelchair with a tall black hook coming out of the top.

as to hold an iv at home?

to hold a hat?

i thought if i was that dude i might just end it all out there on sunset blvd drunk

there was an empty bottle of booze behind him a good twenty paces.

house brand vodka it looked.

same stretch of sunset you see at the end of “adaptation.” when the flowers time lapse

id buy a william hung dvd if he’d autograph it for me.

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