1. Friday, March 4, 2005

    the busblog blook 

    how to blog today turns 100 days old. in blook years thats pretty old. as i said in the comments a few posts back about 300 copies have been sold. thats tremendous, to me, and i thank everyone who bought one and everyone who has thought about buying one.

    if there is anyone out there who ordered a book or was promised one and hasnt gotten it yet, please email me at howtoblog at tonypierce.com

    those of you who paid by check this week, hang in there, they have to clear before i can print up a mailing slip.

    this entire process was a truly enjoyable one. starting with cafepress.com who printed up the book beautifully and provided excellent customer service over christmas

    to paypal who has a pretty great system which allows for printing of USPS shipping labels right from the order

    to everyone who sent in pictures of them reading the book

    to G4TV who put me on the Screen Savers to hype the thing

    to LAist who put me on their blog in an interview to hype the thing

    to the kid who bugged the shit out of you for a year trying to get this thing published.

    to everyone who gave it good reviews

    and yes, even to the one dude who gave it a bad review. cant win em all.

    someone emailed and begged me to extend the deadline to order signed How To Blog books for just $19 + $5 s/h until Sunday 3/6 and i wrote back and said “fine”.

    why not.

    it’s friday. why the hell not.

    email me and i will send you a paypal invoice. make sure to tell me who to sign the book to.

    above is a picture of bonnie and the lovely beatrix garland hornberger who will never know a world that doesnt include blogging

    how nice is that?

    in other busblog housekeeping duties, tomorrow one of the my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Leagues will be holding a live draft at 12:30p PST

    League ID#: 80264
    League Name: busblog2
    Password: busblog
    Draft Type: Live Draft

    click here to sign up