our pal bonnie is about to burst

they swear she has just one baby in there but some are speculating that she has much more like:

the upcoming sopranos scripts
the holy grail
the missing wmd

all my lost blogger posts.

everyone loves bonnie, and everyone loves charlie too, but people love bonnie more.

theyre both ridiculously smart people with nothing better to do than smile a bunch, drink, and show the world how it’s done.

bonnie is so big just to demonstrate how big a lil girl can get before she gives the world a kool kid.

say yr prayers america cuz everyone says that today is probably the day that we all get a 2005 Hornberger.

which is why it hasnt rained here in days.

me, i hope they name the little dickens Tybie.

or Malkovich

or Sly

or Nexie.

funny that none of our friends have named their kids Barbara.

shiras pics of bonnie + charlie and bonnie’s buzznet snaps + dearly beloved