anti is americas most loveable stoner

he’s got a six foot bong, the greenest buds and a camera that he uses to show you how it’s done.

since im straightedge i wouldnt know the first thing about the wacky tobbacky so i entered into a chat with mr. disestablishmentarian

xxbusblogxx: when was your first time smoking pot?

BigBadAnti: when i was a freshman in highschool. i submitted to my friends and their peer pressure. (thanks whitey!)

xxbusblogxx: how do you normally call it? weed, herb, pot?

BigBadAnti: weed, pot, or dope.

xxbusblogxx: how often to you clean your 5 footer?

BigBadAnti: the 6er? i change the water before each use.
BigBadAnti: but i have to use the shower to change the water.

xxbusblogxx: i heard that holding the smoke in doesnt help
xxbusblogxx: is that true?

BigBadAnti: nah, i think it it makes you higher to hold it in. although there are two schools of thought on why it makes you higher. one group thinks that the THC in the dope has more chance to enter your blood stream. and the other group say that it’s partly the THC entering your blood, and partly lack of oxygen to the brain. i always hold my hits in as long as possible.

xxbusblogxx: whats your favorite situation to get baked?

BigBadAnti: whilst driving.

xxbusblogxx: via joint or pipe?

BigBadAnti: bong! but a pipe if there is no bong, and i GUESSS a joint if there is no pipe. i smoke too much for joints. who has time to twist those things up all damn day? im a working man.

xxbusblogxx: arent you afraid of spilling your bong in your car?

BigBadAnti: im about as afraid of spilling my bong and i am about spilling my large sprite from taco bell. cup holders baby!

xxbusblogxx: ahahahah
xxbusblogxx: whats the weirdest contraption that youve ever smoked out of?

BigBadAnti: a gravity bong. it involves a lot of home arts and crafts (ie, a two liter bottle emptied and the bottom sawed off, ect), and a sink full of water. i never thought it was worth all the effort. i’ve also gotten high from a pipe made out of an apple. you can make anything a pipe, just about.

xxbusblogxx: you should definately make a movie of making a gravity bong

BigBadAnti: perhaps. if i can find someone down to do all the arts and crafts part. mebbe whitey will be down for that… who knows.

xxbusblogxx: where was the coolest place youve ever gotten high?

BigBadAnti: top of half dome in yosemite. and/or backstage at the Cypress Hill smoke out tour, with the Wu-Tang.
BigBadAnti: at the time, we were all “FREE ODB!!!”

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