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Amazing, Tony.

Just as sure as the DUI always staggers off the straight
line on an episode of COPS, as sure as Kirstie Alley has crumbs in the
folds of her dress and certainly as sure as Hugh Hewitt slathers his
hair with lard, the “world’s greatest blogger™ has done it again. As
Tom (Soon to be “The Slammer”) Delay now finds that instead of helping
him into the boat, his “pals” are swinging machetes at him in the
shark-filled waters, the nutty perfesser has decided to devote
considerable blog real estate to…yep, lovely digital snapshots from
around ye olde campus.

It’s so f*cking obvious—he seems to only pull
his manure and chaw-stained Weegee impersonation whenever the sh*t
hits the fan for the folks he swears he’s never taken a check from–ever.
Even the straw-hatted diva Drudge has opted to go along with the
obviously Rove-approved takedown of this potential ’06 albatross.

The NY Times and WaPost are leading tomorrow [today] with heavily sourced–read: folks who’ve gotten the okay from a snake higher up the chain than the “Bugman”–articles detailing DeLay’s taking money and
trips from shady-ass russian capitilaists and claiming the perks were from
some non-profit and how he hooked up his family into a slush-fund paid for
by more well-CONnected “friends”.

It’s THE news story of the day, maybe of the next few weeks and
what does GR do? Make like he’s a hard-workin’ photographer
for “Jet” magazine, just a click-click-clickin’ away at the passing co-eds.

A couple of times when it happens, I’m willing to forgive as co-inky-dink.
It’s a blatant pattern now, bellow-bellied and utterly unforgivable.


A Fan Who Knows You’re Probably Too Busy To Care

UPDATE: A second reader writes in:


Instapundit ripped off the idea from Prof Althouse who apparently a big fan of gratuitous ass and crotch shots?

check it out: