1. Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    when i was in the orientation meeting 

    everyone had to stand up and introduce themselves.

    hi, my name is tony. i was an undercover superhero in hollywood, california, earth, and now im here.

    everyone booed.

    down here that means hi.

    it also means boo.

    what were my hobbies?

    i liked model planes, horticulture and reading the Bible.

    they booed louder.

    tony was also a very popular blogger.

    this made them stop booing.

    and slowly

    they started to laugh.


    one guy was crying he was laughing so much.

    soon someone knocked at the door to see what was happening, someone told the guy and they pointed at me. then they both started laughing and patting each other on the back.

    then i started laughing cuz it was pretty funny.

    then everyone settled down.

    then some lady chuckled.

    then another lady gafawwed.

    a dude snorted.

    then everyone laughed again.

    i laughed, farted, then laughed harder.

    someone tried to ask me a question, but busted out laughing.

    then everyone joined in again.

    a fat guy turned blue and wheezed while catching his breath, his buddy opened his shirt a little and waved some air at him. he took out his asthma thing and blew some air in his lungs and stopped looking blue.

    then he coughed.

    then he went back to laughing.

    then he ripped a little fart.

    then everyone started laughing all over again.

    happy birthday kiddo!