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If you’re saying the Sox don’t have heart, well, I’m afraid you just haven’t seen them play this year…it’s been one gut wrenching victory after another, and often predicated on stellar pitching, crazy baserunning and spectacular D.

And if you haven’t been to US Cellular since it was called Comiskey, you may be quite surprised. They removed the top 8 rows in the upper deck, and put a bit of roof on, which makes feel much more homey, homey, and the fan deck in centerfield is a pretty sweet place to be.

I was at Wrigley Friday afternoon, first time in a couple years…you can’t tell me Sox knuckleheads are any worse than Cub knuckleheads…and besides the beautiful field, and many great seats, thay place is becoming a bit of a pisshole, if you ask me.

Buerhle, Garcia, Contreras, Garland & El Duque…the wins are coming…

– smith

for the record i havent been at a cubs game in wrigley for a long long time. far too long.

but you dont have to tell me that there are losers and degenerates and drunks and fuckups and hillbillies and fratboys at ten sixty west addison, they were rightfully called bleacher


those are my people.

just because the yuppies have adopted the northsiders and driven the price of a bleacher seat to $20 a pop shouldnt cloud your reality of real cub fans.

i was lucky enough to be in the chicagoland area in 1983, the last year the sox were truly good, and all the fence sitters rushed over to the sox and i sat in the bleachers in wrigley in 83 and 84 and i saw the real cub fans

and we piss in the fucking sink.

there were many places for an underaged kid to drink beer in chicago, but the easiest at that time were the fabled bleachers of wrigley field where tickets were three bucks and a sixteen ounce old style was two.

the cubs are loveable

wrigley from a blimp is loveable

real cub fans were the first to throw visiting home run balls back. hard.

outside of the xbi i havent gotten in a fist fight, like a real fight since high school but if i ran across steve bartman, i think it would be my responsibility to beat his ass a little bit, and im a pacifist deep down, and a Christian.

if ever there was a time to forgive someone it would be steve bartman but fuck that, every time i see that replay and think about how he sat there for the whole game without crying without pleading forgiveness from those around him, for not self destructing right there out of shame, and for now for not writing a book saying god im the biggest loser of all time, he needs his ass kicked.

what was the question again?

Well, I for one am not betting the farm on the Sox. But I sure as hell wouldn’t bet on the Cubs. My point was this–the marketing for the Cubs fills the seats and allows them to field less than perfect teams and still make tons of cash. Since they have no owner who has personally put his balls on the line, all they care about is the bottom line–and I don’t mean wins either.

As for Steib–I remember that dude too.

– Rob W

yes i know you were trying to give credit to the marketing dept but the cubs have always had great attendence with or without marketing.

you have the most lovable team and the most beautiful shrine to baseball in the worlds greatest sports town.

marketing is doing its best to ruin the good things its got. why are there ads behind the plate? trib corp owns the team the paper the radio station and the tv station, they dont need that stupid ad. its that shit that takes away from wrigley.

as do the lights

as do the extra scoreboards everywhere, and the new seats.

stop it already.

i swear to god if i was ever the one in charge i would take down those lights and donate them to little leagues and the seats in the bleachers would go back to three dollars

and just like in those days heres how youd get them, youd show up and youd pay the man and hed give you what looked like a little raffle ticket, like what a girl scout would give you, like what they give people at fairs and if you get twenty you can get a pen with a feather on the end of it.

adn youd walk up the ramps

and youd be in the greatest place of all time.

and youd take off your shirt and pay the man for a beer which hed pour right in front of you.

thats not a tough product to sell.

the marketing department blew it with sammy, and they’ll figure out a way to blow it with this team too.

but let me say again what a joy it is not to have to listen to steve stone and chip caray ruin my chicago cub experience on wgn.

it’s like someone removed a splintery two by four from my rectum.

i knew i hated them, but having them gone makes me realize how much i seriously loathed them. yes, loathed!


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