miss hawaii came over to my house

today because yesterday was karisas birthday and saturday is my lawyers baby shower and sunday is the lords day.

nothing in this is true neither.

she has the sweetest face

i’ll say why are you here

and she’ll say because youre great

and many of you have written very nice things to me and have said that something good is right around the corner but something good was right there,

slippin off her flip flops,

pretending to care what was on tv,

which rhymes with just waiting for me.

and here it is 452am. sterns on live from new york. shes snoozing on the couch wearing just a pink leapord print bikini bottom.

shut up.

i could look at that girl all day.

sometimes she would be ready to leave and id ask if i could just look at her for a quick minute and id use the entire sixty seconds to soak it in.

her snores sound like if mushrooms had motors

hawaiian and so sweet

i caller hello kitty with titties.

and i dont agree with those who say that something better is waiting for me because thats what people said when the dot com got rid of me and karisa and everyone else

unless they meant this chick

who i dont deserve

and who doesnt even mind when the beck cd keeps repeating and repeating and repeating.

this homestand’s 7th Inning singers at wrigley field:

Friday- May 6th – Scott Sanderson
Saturday- May 7th – Will Ferrell & Mike Ditka
Sunday- May 8th – Jim Belushi
Monday- May 9th – TBA
Tuesday- May 10th – George Wendt
Wednesday- May 11th – Gary Sinise

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