my coveted picks

for the Gorilla Mask Death Pool 2005 are in, and as Mr. T predicted “pain” in Rocky II, i predict “death” for the following gentlemen.

yes, this year my list comprises only men including two sitting presidentes.

at the top of the list is the supreme court justice, who everyone knows is gonna eat it,

next is the religious leader who will meet his maker

then michael moore’s best friend who was close to the edit two movies ago

and then we have michael douglas’s dad whose one handed pushups will be missed

then comes americas oldest teenager who michael moore exposed in roger & me

fish is the man that most people have thought has been dead for years, but no, not until this year i predict will he sleep with the fishes

i get nervous when i get a new mole on my head, jerry lewis has an entire head on his mole, and will die

i would love to visit cuba before fidel exuents, but im not thinking im going to get that trip

gerald ford will die, i predict, and people will come out of the woodwork to say nice things about him, even though i dont remember anything ever nice being said about him

and finally our dear leader was a faulty hand grenade away from tapping out, but not even hell wants dubya.. yet.

here is my list

1. William Rehnquist
2. Billy Graham
3. Charlton Heston
4. Kirk Douglas
5. Dick Clark
6. Abe Vigoda
7. Jerry Lewis
8. Fidel Castro
9. Gerald Ford
10. George W. Bush

go to Gorilla Mask to make your list, and feel free to put your pics here in my comments so we can compare and contrast.

break a leg!

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