phoenix sun steve nash

recently won this years NBA Most Valuable Player award

a distinction that he totally earned despite the suprise that was his impressive season.

nash led the league in assists (861, nearly 200 more than the second place Stephon Marbury),

dropped a not-too-shabby 1165 points in the supercompetitive west,

and was the ringleader of the phoenix team that will probably win it all.

basically he took a lottery team and made them the best club in basketball in the old school showtime laker style while no-looking his way into the playoffs

and once and for all proved that dallas mavericks owner mark cuban really isnt any smarter than any other fantasy hoops gm who trades people to quickly and forgets how important defense is.

although jason terry is doing pretty well for dallas during the playoffs, the mavs could have used nash during the season and he will be the difference during this series versus his old team.

the other day, the bastardly made an excellent point of illustrating how rare its been for white men to achieve the nba mvp award.

dirk, peja, and manu better help nash savor this award because according to the list below, white men getting the nba mvp is getting harder to find than a blog sans ads.

2004 – Kevin Garnett – Brotha
2003 – Tim Duncan – Brotha
2002 – Tim Duncan – Brotha
2001 – Allen Iverson – Brotha
2000 – Shaquille O’Neal – Brotha
1999 – Karl Malone – Brotha
1998 – Michael Jordan – Brotha
1997 – Karl Malone – Brotha
1996 – Michael Jordan – Brotha
1995 – David Robinson – Brotha
1994 – Hakeem Olajuwon – Brotha
1993 – Charles Barkley – Brotha
1992 – Michael Jordan – Brotha
1991 – Michael Jordan – Brotha
1990 – Magic Johnson – Brotha
1989 – Magic Johnson – Brotha
1988 – Michael Jordan – Brotha
1987 – Magic Johnson – Brotha
1986 – Larry Bird – White Man
1985 – Larry Bird – White Man
1984 – Larry Bird – White Man

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