1. Friday, May 27, 2005

    this week’s most talked about blog 

    Blogebrity, interviewed me!

    heres an excerpt

    blogebrity: for starters….you use blogger pro, and always have, to publish the busblog, right?

    tonypierce: yes
    tonypierce: blogger has been berry berry good to me

    blogebrity: never any thoughts about moving over to a movable type or anything like that?

    tonypierce: yes, thoughts, but in a few bizarre ways i try to live by example
    tonypierce: and i want to show people that you dont need anything fancy to have a good blog
    tonypierce: and get a fair share of attention
    tonypierce: so yes ive been tempted to move over to something else, and/or get a designer, and/or get people to edit my shit
    tonypierce: but i think this is best in the long run.

    blogebrity: while you have started other blogs, like lickmagazine, you currently dont blog anywhere else, do you?

    tonypierce: no, ive been a slacker
    tonypierce: i do comment on metafilter about once a week
    tonypierce: and throughout the blogosphere
    tonypierce: i dont even update my secret blogs
    tonypierce: i suck

    blogebrity: now, as for blog-reading….do you have a blog/rss reader of choice?

    tonypierce: I like the old fashioned way of having a homepage
    tonypierce: http://www.tonypierce.com/links.htm
    tonypierce: but when i do use a Reader i use projectdu

    blogebrity: you still have a promotional deal with them, correct?

    tonypierce: yes, its a great relationship

    blogebrity: sort of like jordan and nike?

    tonypierce: hahaha
    tonypierce: not in the slightest
    tonypierce: project du has no sweatshops
    tonypierce: on whose backs i make millions
    tonypierce: i really dont like athletes who do things like that
    tonypierce: sponsorships are ok
    tonypierce: but think about who youre in bed with

    read the rest here