1. Monday, May 2, 2005

    took the day off work 

    slept in, dicked around until noon, took a long shower, hopped the fence of my neighbors and stole ten minutes in her hot tub,

    viewed some adult materials

    then received a phone call from an xgirlfriend who lives by the beach

    i said i took the day off she said come over i said nah im just gonna lay here upside down on this couch and not do shit

    she was all five hours at coachella shouldnt wear you out That much

    i was all it didnt i just want to see if i can be the laziest man in the world today

    she was all i lived with you for five years, youve already won that crown a few times.

    so i got on the subway

    got off on highland

    followed a super hot model looking chick up the escalators

    lost her in the sunshine

    took the fairfax bus down to wilshire, transferred over to a 720 rapido and she and i had pizza in westwood.

    i wore shorts.

    i knew my morning post hadnt posted but i didnt care. it was dumb anyhow.

    for some reason i always forget how many asian kids go to school at ucla but all you have to do is spend lunch there for like an hour and it starts to become obvious and if you ask me thats what america is supposed to be, not a melting pot really, more, to me, at least, like a nice beef stew.

    chunks of this thing over here

    bits of this shit over here.

    at coachella they had these dudes changing the trash liners on the field and i was all hey bro can you tell me where the media tent is

    and he said perfectly im sorry i dont speak english.

    i was so chilled out that i was impressed that a dude could get work without speaking english

    today i was that chilled riding the bus and eating pizza. wonderfully thin cut pizza.

    but i wanted more.

    ive been gorging lately. we went over to rite aid and got an ice cream sandwich which i demolished.

    she had dinner plans that she had to get ready for so i asked her if i could borrow her skateboard and she said of course and i rail slided down to the street and ollied over a marching band.

    took the bus east down wilshire to meet the hawaiian girl at the miracle mile mcdonalds which is never very busy because it doesnt have a drivethru.

    because ive been ravenous i got a kids meal six piece nugggets because i love that crazy hot mustard.

    she picked me up and we drove to my place

    but first we went food shopping which was funny because it was at this huge place called Foods Co which is like a grocery store and a Costco at the same time in that theres not a lot of decor, it looks like a wharehouse, and you have to bag your own food at the end.

    a crazy day off but better than sleeping all day or laying upsidedown watching tivo.

    although im stoked that i recorded supernanny.

    flagrant + danielle + alecia’s coachella photoessay + one minute video of weezer live saturday, a film