her name is giselle bundchen

she is a model from brazil. she dates pretty boy leonardo dicaprio. in part i assume because his name is leonardo dicaprio and thats a pretty cool fucking name even if yours is pretty fucking cool itself.

how could anyone not know who she is?

this is twenty minutes with tony.

the cubs are beating the shit out of the padres theres a beer at my side and a worn out hawaiaan girl on my couch. i’ll give you three guesses as to why shes worn out and two guesses as to whats about to happen the minute i hit published on this bad boy.

we went to sam woos in chinatown for a late lunch. she says that everyone looks at her funny in chinatown cuz theyre trying to figure out what she is since real hawaiians look slightly differnt than the japanese plus shes hot which makes them wanna look too.

brocolli beef and kung pow shrimp and chicken. i know americanized to all hell. but i was a little worn out too by that time and working on an all day buzz and doing pretty good at it thank you and shes so easy going that shes all eat whatever you want its on me i just got a bikini shoot next week.

if you ever saw the quality shit that floats through my messy house youd die.

i die all the time.

but the good thing is when you die you go to

isla vista.

i was reading this one dudes blog and he printed up a chat that he was having with his buddy. they were looking at my miss universe coverage. one guy said he didnt know why i had all those miss universe pictures up there and the other guy said he didnt care why, but that he loved them.

then they said how hot miss canada is, which is true. and then the one guy says this dude get 1,684 hits a day! and the other guy said it was because of the pictures.

and id agree with them.

we were gonna go to san diego to see the cubs play, but then i remembered that i had to go to a party tonight and now that the cubs are up 11-1 in the fifth im totally glad i didnt go down there. no one wants to see a blowout, and dumb me, id say lets get in the car, beat the traffic and listen to the rest of it on the radio with san diego in the rearview.

i wouldnta wanted to be there anyway. that town is part of the jinx. san diego got in the way of the cubs in 84. the year leon durham pulled a buckner, letting the ball through his legs which set up the homer that garvey hit.

im pretty sure thats how it goes, ive repressed that nightmare.

me and san diego have an agreement, i dont go down there and it doesnt mess with the cubs anymore and 11-1 is just about where it should be.

june will be giselle june. at least one picture of giselle a day.

why would i do this? why not. its good to have themes. its good for people to have a reason to come back every day and check out the development of a long running tale. its good for people to keep tabs, to be part of the story, to watch some sort of progress.

or as bro said, to get wood.

which isnt really the image that i want to have of dudes dialing up my url. hey i really want some wood, let me type in tonypierce.com

these pictures are mere examples of the beauty that God can create.

it’s basically red state.

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in the comments of the previous post

josh asked me what i thought about the FEC regulation that the instapundit has been in a tizzy about over the last few weeks.

basically the FEC prohibits people from volunteering at work which means that if you blog at work for more than 4 hours a month about your favorite political party and how great they are and how crappy the other party is, then you have to pay back your employer any hours that you blog more than that.

so for example, lets say you blog during your two 15-minute government mandated breaks. thats 30 minutes x 20 days which is 10 hours a month or 6 hours over the regulation. lets say you are making $20/hr, thats $120 you owe the state. But lets say you also blog during your one hour lunch break at your desk. 1 hour x 20 days is 20 hours a month which is $400 extra or a total of $520 you owe the state each month.

plus your job is going to be pissed off that you’re getting fined by the FEC each month for something happening on their grounds.

josh asks me what i think of it.

this is what i think of it: ha!

this is the overregulatory right wing administration who hates freedom, who hates honest communication, who hates the internets getting their base bitten in the ass.

and this is also the do-nothing democrats forgetting that they are being elected to stand up for liberties like the first ammendment. they are being paid to beat this wave of ultraconservatism – which has been seen before in history, so it shouldnt be that tough to predict – but they are slow and dimwitted and too intellectual and too safe and too bewildered by this repulsively confusing yet fascinating opponent they suddenly find themselves against.

what do i think of it? i think ha!

this is what you get for being partisan.

this is what you get for being outted for volunteering for a political party.

i hate all political parties so i can blog from work as much as i want.

independent, fuckers.

parties make people dumber because when in doubt you let the party decide and thats dumbfuckery at its finest.

the citizen has no excuse in the age of the internet not to look shit up and get some varied opinions themselves.

sometimes the liberal might not be the right choice in every election, and sometimes the conservative is a fucking theif and liar.

and sometimes no matter what your pappy did in the voting booth or taught you, its not always a good idea to give the moron and his wrecking crew another four years.

when you join a party you say to the world: i dont even have to think, im in with anyone who says theyre one of us.

one of us

one of us

for every lincoln theres a nixon

for every kennedy theres a johnson

so to speak

let them audition for you. why give them a free pass? why look at the letter in the parentheses instead of the record?

lazy america deserves lazy laws.

the best way bloggers can defend themselves from this law is to

1) claim yourself Independent
2) think for yourself
3) quit blogging like a partisan dittohead
4) declare that nothing in your blog is true

so why has the Instapundit been in a tizzy these last few weeks? well i doubt that he would want to change anything about his blog and, well, he makes more than $20/hr which means he’s going to be paying more than $520/month.


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