theyre playing Boston on wgn

something ive never heard before so it must be from Third Stage.

the fans are smiling as its the top of the 7th and the cubs are up 11-2 over the visiting boston red sox,

thanks in part to a home run by the elderly pitcher, greg maddux, who is still on the mound. thanks sox.

did you drive your cah to tha pahk?

if i could be anywhere in the world it would be wrigley this weekend. the last time the red sox were at wrigley was for the 1918 world series. little known fact but that series wasnt played at fenway and wrigley, it was played at fenway and comiskey because back then people didnt have television so they figured more people could attend the games if it was held on the south side, so thats what they did.

1918 was the last year that the sox had won the world series until they did it again last year.

its 1:33 and twenty minutes with tony starts a-now.

chris chelios and some dude with a red sox hat just sang take me out to the ballgame.

one of the great things about baseball is if you take your hacks the pitcher actually can hit a homer.

cubs just banged two doubles in a row. oh this is sweet.

i really dont like interleague play. its like if people said guys can walk around with their dicks out. you’d say, yeah i guess thats interesting, but after a few years ive had enough.

even though the cubs just hit another double i like that the sox havent played in 85 years. its what used to seperate baseball from any other american sport. teams just did not play each other unless it was a world series situation, and with so many teams nowadays, other than filling the coffers of the owners, i dont see the point of this any longer.

it also sets up situations like the fact that the cubs play three games here in LA and not again all year. it sorta weakens league rivalries if you ask me.

last night big time red sox fan karisa invited me over for dinner to celebrate the eve of this historic meeting. i just called her because she doesnt get wgn in her hollywoodhills penthouse. hey its 14-3, i told her, tell your girlfriends they can come to wrigley whenever they want.

she made shrimp linguine, we ate garlic bread, and drank wine. may i say i was a little shocked to see her get drunk so quickly, i thought she had been practicing pretty well over the last few months, but then again she is a girl, which shouldnt be hard to remember but sometimes it is.

the cubs finally got out of the inning and wgn is playing “more than a feeling” into the commercials and this is the way to wake up.

fucked up at 8am and called the court to see if they would pick me on my last day of jury duty and indeed they had! i was supposed to call in last night but between doing laundry and hanging out with karisa i had forgotten to call. so at 8am i woke up when someone else called me and i called the court and the happiest man in the planet laughed and said oh dont worry, you can call every day next week then. d’oh!

ok that ends twenty minutes with tony, come back next time when we discuss how great it is to park right in front of my house.

Cubs v Red Sox, tomorrow 3pm ET, noon PT on FOX. Wade Miller vrs Carlos Zambrano

riley dog + steph + mass live + kitty bukkake

today is my former true-love’s birthday

and the bells should ring and the kids should be let out of their cages and the birds should sing and the skies should let the sun shine in.

i first met our birthday girl on a hayride in malibu.

she wore granny clothes back them because she wasnt so sure about showing off her bod, which was hot, and is hotter than the picture tries to project, but photography doesnt have enough curves to show you this young woman’s incredible physique.

and the web doesnt know how to capture and translate heart. and christine rene is all heart.

boobs and heart.

gorgeous blue eyes, a sharp mind capable of 400 pt scrabble scores, a tantalizing neck, pure heart, tremendous bazooms,

and patience.

this gurl stood by me for five years

i feel bad for chicks whove had to deal with me for five months, imagine five years?

i got fired once while i was with her, i started my own business, i also sold hot dogs, i watched way too much tv, i didnt take her out nearly enough, and still she was patient.

i told her secrets to her parents over the holidays, i made her best friend not talk to her for a while, i barraged her with kisses and bad breath and constant i love yous and still she was there for me even after i moved to la and left her behind with my 15″ cerwin vegas.

i love this girl america and she will even put up with me saying so on the internet.

thats love.

she will put up with it even though she has a new man. a taller richer handsomer man who has actually done something with his life other than interview people hes never met. shes no dummy.

she called this morning wondering if the anna interview was about her and i said how could it be about you she said she didnt know i said chris i love you, i would marry you right now. i got no problem with you.

she said i know.

i said, so you’ll marry me?

she said no.

thats how we talk to each other. its like birds in the night.

coo coo?

plllllooooo pllllloooo.

coo cooo?

plllloooo plllloooo.

for a while my coo coos were answered by her cooo coos and magic was created and i know that that doesnt last forever. and even if it does last, not everything lasts forever.

except true love.

which i still have for her.

and i always will.

till the last maggot eats the last bits

of my dumbass heart.

a good example of our deal + me jeanine & chris go to an art opening + i wrote this when we broke up