i did something interesting yesterday

that i dont often do. i went outside.

i didnt make it out there until 3:45p but i made it. i nearly turned around when i realized id still be in hollywood at 4pm which is really when the traffic starts getting thick but i took a left down la brea and it was smooth sailing till pico where i turned west toward the beach.

i called karisa and hung out with her for 12 minutes. twelve minutes because thats all the change i had for the meter. i took some pictures of her blackberry and kept rolling. i went to venice beach, walked around, talked to people including the daughter of the owner of a storefront on the boardwalk who complained that she works 70 hours a week and i almost asked if i could cover the weekends for her until she asked me first.

i was buying three tshirts for $15. a Rolling Stones ’72, a black sabbath, and a led zep. all black. all old looking. all on sale because locals know that if you go during the week its cheaper. i also bought sun glasses and this dude started talking to me about the lakers.

i have no problem talking about the lakers and what was nice is los angelinos havent had much to say about the lakers other than fuck kobe so when phil jackson returned everyone wanted to talk about the lakers again.

and then we were rudely interrupted by some visiting texans who asked us how on earth we could stand there in the hot sun eating pizza and talking about the lakers for 20 minutes when we were all headed to a game seven of the nba finals and no one had said shit about the san antonio spurs who were widely predicted at the begining of the season to win the west, which they did, or the pistons, the current nba champs who beat the lakers last year thanks to the refs who allowed the bad boys from the motor city to tie down the big fella as kobe kept missing from outside.

but they were right.

i was in 10 nba fantasy leagues this year which means that every day of the season i looked at everyones stats and knew who was in the IL who was hot who was sick and who was not available due to a death in the family

last year the busblog covered nearly every game in the finals. this year i dont think ive mentioned the playoffs even once.

the truth is i was so shocked by the tragic collapse of the lakers who went from the prospect of payton malone shaq and kobe to a team who wasnt even the best nba club in la. and even though kobe’s rape trial went his way, no longer was a laker game at staples a classy cool fun place to go. it had turned overnight into the pretty boy’s vanity team.

when shaq played here he was loved by the kids and the mexicans and thats it. fucker was mvp and people called him fat. he rapped while getting his third ring and people called him crosseyed and lazy. even sammy sosa was loved before he was unfairly booted out of chicago, but i dont remember any true love for diesel other than his first year.

and now, even though they still might not admit it, los angeles misses its big aristotle and would trade kobe to the heat for shaq in a second.

but the texas tourists were right, i havent talked about san antone or the pistons or these finals for the simple reason that it doesnt interest me. ginobli and duncan have no heart and even dennis rodman could play defense so detroit has still yet to earn my respect especially when they as the defending champs cant win at home which is the biggest diss ive ever seen hit motown, the most unfortunate of american cities.

i’ll probably go see batman.

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