it you click around the interweb

from time to time you will see someone guest blog for someone on their blog.

ive tried that here and people pretty much hate it. but maybe i will try it again.

ive seen it at other blogs and ive liked it. for example greg beato has been contributing at wonkette for a while now and every time i see his name it seems like a guest blog to me which i think is nice.

the problem that i have when people guest blog is they talk about guest blogging in the guest blog. not necessary. get to the point.

i also dont like it when people think that they have to either sound like their host or write something that would fit in or anything. when john and yoko co-hosted the mike douglass show they didnt stop being john and yoko. guest bloggers should blog just like they normally do and then some.

im a terrible guest blogger because i want everything on the busblog. if i write something i dont want to share it. xTx however is someone who ive known via the virtuaworld even before the land of the blogs and so when she asked me if i would guestblog on her page i said of course of course! still i backed my deadline up day by day for a week. i couldnt be more lame. so as punishment i gave her the best thing that ive done all summer, an interview with The Captain of Venice Beach.

what was amazing about this guy was how skinny he is and how nice he is.

correct me if im wrong but i believe that anyone can set up a little towel there and sell whatever it is that they want and so you get all sorts of weird things. in the midst of all that is this very nice normal person who got sent off to fight a bs war. there are major bloggers out there who talk about the war and talk about life but for some reason dont want to talk about what happens after a war. what happens after there is admitted torture in places like gitmo.

the bloodthirsty and macho forget the aftertaste of war when they dont deal with it on the daily. perhaps if the homeless were relocated to the red counties to be visual reminders of the real price of war, peac wouldnt be so quickly shunned and violence wouldnt be so quickly rewarded.

sometimes the best veteran day stories dont fall neatly on veterans day.

who would i like to guest blog at the busblog?

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