matt good an i have pretty funny telephone conversations

this morning he called groggy from an allergy or an illness of something.

i asked him if it could be because of the Canada Live 8 lineup? he had his opinion about out, but said no it may have been the new tree that his wife bought for their home.

we discussed getting a regular Podcast show going. he’s really up for it. id be an idiot not to get on it immediately. but then again i can be quite idiotic.

i told him that we’d definately have to give Odeo a shot. but what equipment would we need to record our phone conversations and figure out a way to play music so that both of us could hear it. and how could we figure out a way to have callers?

it might be easier just to get a radio show.

heres the canadian lineup for Live 8.

how can you have a canadian concert without avril, alanis, neil young, rush, arcade fire, sum 41, or an acutal canadian activist rocker mr good?

Bryan Adams
African Guitar Summit
Jann Arden
Barenaked Ladies
Blue Rodeo
The Bachman Cummings Band
Bruce Cockburn
Tom Cochrane
Deep Purple
DobaCaracol featuring K’naan
Great Big Sea
Les Trois Accords
Gordon Lightfoot
Motley Crue
Our Lady Peace
Sam Roberts
Simple Plan
Tegan & Sara canceled
The Tragically Hip

jenny lee + oceanaria + US admits to torture at gitmo but dont expect to read about it here