1. Monday, June 13, 2005

    the michael jackson verdict is about to be read 

    i watched pretty much every re-inactment on E!
    and many of the wrap shows on CourtTV
    and this is my prediction:

    he will only get found guilty on the misdemeanor for the booze
    (the “Jesus Juice”) even though the kids stole booze all the time

    yes its creepy that a 30+ year old man sleeps
    in bed with boys, but hi thats not illegal.

    it should be, but its not.

    also the kids are admitted liars who lie under oath.

    the mom and dad lie in court and admit it
    and All of the witnesses either had something super shady
    going on in their lives or had reasons to lie.

    if anything this trial showed the world that MJ is quite a freak
    but probably doesnt have sex with kids.

    lets see if jury agrees.